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Biometric Identification System to Prevent Identity Fraud

PC and Web Based Biometric Software for Biometric Identification

Bio-Tracker enables businesses, organizations, and agencies to establish a secure and efficient mechanism for person authentication.  Eliminate identity fraud and avoid risk with a real-time, centralized biometric identification system for secure ID.


Bio Tracker™ is a web-based, enterprise-ready biometric identification and activity management system. It is ideal to prevent identity fraud and secure the ID of members, personnel, or visitors in high-security environments.

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The Bio-Tracker™ is now available for different categories of businesses and organizations:

Bio-Tracker Products
biometric check cashing
Bio-Tracker™ Biometric Check Cashing: A biometric system that securely processes cash advances, payday loans, and sales. Incorporate biometrics into your kyc compliance program to help prevent identity fraud and reduce bad check reception.
prevent proxy test taking
Bio-Tracker™ Exam/Fraud Prevention: This is truly a break-through system where proxy testing, fraudulent activities as well as other forms of cheating can be diminished, upholding the real value and worthiness of grades and certificates of individuals.
customer authentication
Bio-Tracker™ Customer Authentication: Enables you to verify your customers as you sell your products. It also allows you to identify terminated employees of customers from various locations of the same shop, etc.
biometric secure port border
Bio-Tracker™ Port Security/Border Control: It is a swift and simple way to verify individuals in ports and borders. This reduces the amount of theft or unidentified personnel to access the port or border areas.
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:: Case Study  
Product: Bio-Tracker
Client: Military Base
Use: Secure Checkpoint Identification
> Prevent unauthorized access
> Implement two-factor authentication
> Centralize authentication data
> Install Bio-Tracker at security checkpoints to
   identify visitors
> Prevent access of unauthorized personnel
> Protect assets on base from being
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