Superior Dual Iris Recognition Technology

The Iris ID iCAM TD100 Iris Recognition Camera is a state-of-the-art device that can be instantly implemented through the M2SYS Hybrid Biometric Platform™.


Dual Iris Scanner

The Iris ID iCAM TD100 is ideal for environments that require the utmost accuracy, a high-level of security, rapid authentication, and a completely contactless experience. Iris ID iCAM TD100The iris camera quickly processes dual eye image acquisition, encoding, and internal matching. With the ability to quickly and efficiently perform one-to-one (1:1), or one-to-many (1:N) contactless matching in almost any indoor or outdoor environment, the Iris ID iCAM TD100 is an elite iris biometric recognition reader that can be utilized by practically anyone 100% of the time.

An ideal biometric hardware modality for almost any deployment, the Iris ID iCAM TD100 works seamlessly with the M2SYS RightPatient™ and RightPunch™ enterprise software solutions for patient identification and workforce management through an implementation that takes less than 24 hours.


  • High Speed Dual Iris Capture
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Single Motion Automatic Iris
  • Single Motion Automatic Face Capture
  • Intuitive Operator Guidance System
  • Standards Compliant Hardware and Software


  • Accuracy: Most Accurate Industry Hardware Modality
  • Stability: Iris Patterns Do Not Change
  • Fast: Unmatched Speeds for 1:N Matches
  • Scalable: Ideal for Large Scale ID Applications
  • Non-Invasive: No Physical Contact

Technical Specifications

Category Description
Dimensions 5.9″ X 3.3″ X 1.2″ (150mm X
83mm X 30.5mm
Weight 0.5lb (0.23 kg)
Power input 5VDC
Power consumption 7W Max
Iris Capture Automatic Dual Iris Captur
Capture Distance 1600 X 1200 2MP Image Sensor
– 4.62mm @F# 3.2
Face/Scene Capture Multiband IR 760 nm, 870nm
Iris Illumination 32°F –120°F (0°C – 50°C)
Iris Enrollment • Less than 2 seconds for
complete iris capture
• Less than 8 seconds for
complete transaction
Operating Range 14″ (36cm)
Operating temperature 32°F – 120°F (0° – 50°C)
Storage Temperature .4°F –140°F (.20°C –60°C)

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