Jail Management Software

Public Safety

Securely manage inmate identification records to increase safety and efficiencies
Jail Management Software

Public Safety

Many Jail Management Software providers have integrated M2SYS’ Bio-Plugin fingerprint software to avoid duplicate booking entries, eliminate identity fraud, track inmate movements, and safeguard the public by ensuring the release of the right person.

Due to increasing crime rates, correctional facilities are finding it difficult to securely manage the ever-growing number of prisoners and their identification records. Traditional jail management software has been unable to conform to the ever-changing and complex security regulations in the industry.

Because of these security concerns, biometric technology is being rapidly integrated within jail management software solutions like those provided by Digital Solutions, CISCO, and Emerald Systems to securely identify new inmates and visitors, to track inmate movements throughout the facility, and to verify identity prior to release.

Proper identification of inmates prior to release is critical to public safety, and often times, over-populated and under-staffed jails may release unauthorized inmates due to human error or to inmates swapping ID bracelets with other inmates. Fingerprint identification solutions from M2SYS provide a fail-safe way to properly manage correctional facilities. By placing fingerprint readers at key areas throughout a jail, the jail management system can track inmate movements throughout the day. Inmate whereabouts can be determined at any time, which increases inmate accountability and in turn, increases overall jail security and safety.

Products such as M2SYS’ Bio-Plugin fingerprint solution can be seamlessly integrated into jail management applications without the need for extensive development or an understanding of a complicated fingerprint SDK.

With M2SYS’ biometric technology, the liabilities inherent with identity management in the public safety sector are virtually eliminated. Inmate intake, release, medicine dispersal and location tracking are controlled by the secure, accurate and efficient fingerprinting technology.

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“M2SYS provided the biometric solution we needed to instantly enhance our product … it has even been flawlessly deployed within a NYSE company that manages more than 60 correctional facilities with a capacity of over 72,000 beds.”

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