Biometric Technology Case Studies of Vertical Markets

Biometric Technology Case Studies of Vertical Markets

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Biometric Technology Case Studies of Vertical Markets

Case Studies

M2SYS works closely with its clients, enabling them to capitalize on the benefits of using biometrics for security and accelerating their return on investment (ROI). These case studies of multi-modal biometrics security deployments for various verticals show how biometric security software solutions can protect the welfare of citizens, stop corruption and fraud, and create efficiency.

M2SYS Client Success Stories

CDC HIV, TB, malaria patient identification project in Haiti, Zambia, and the Dominican Republic

The CDC chose the M2SYS Fingerprint Identification Platform to address their patient identification challenges in Haiti, Zambia, and the Dominican Republic. With the help of M2SYS and local partners, the CDC was able to deploy a scalable patient identification platform that utilizes fingerprint biometrics to identify patients across all health clinics. The CDC has collectively enrolled the fingerprint data of over 200,000 patients from these countries and performed over 1 million successful identifications, enabling clinics to accurately track patient movements and establish accurate databases of patients to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Track and monitor 38000 employee’s attendance accurately using RightPunch™

Chedraui is a publicly-traded grocery store and one of the major retailers in Mexico. They have more than 300 stores and 38,000 employees. They were looking for a cost-effective biometric time clock for their Kronos workforce management system. They wanted to accurately track employees’ attendance and supervise attendance from a central location. Learn how RightPunch a biometric time clock for Kronos helped them.

Optimize labor tracking performance using RightPunch™

Hylife is one of the largest meat manufacturers in Canada and the USA offering high-quality cuts. They have a boutique shop across the country managing several part-time and full-time employees. They wanted to optimize their labor tracking performance and thus looking for a solution that could seamlessly integrate with their Kronos WFC to accurately track the time and productivity of their employees. Learn how Hylife to optimize their labor tracking performance using RightPunch for Kronos.

Fingerprint biometrics for Kronos workforce timekeeper at lowes

Lowes is a leading Australian menswear, young menswear and schoolwear retail chain offering well-made clothing at affordable prices. With over 215 stores nationwide, calculating employee time and attendance was complex and time consuming. Manual punches were used whereby the store manager would manually enter their staff start and end times into the point of sale system (POS) with no record of any lunch breaks. Learn more about how Lowes implemented the RightPunch™ biometric time clock with their Kronos Workforce Timekeeper as part of a new strategy that contributed to half million dollar workforce management cost savings in the first year.

Biometric time clock deployment to eliminate buddy punching at the City of Columbia, South Carolina

The City of Columbia, South Carolina chose our RightPunch™, PC based biometric time clock solution to integrate biometric identification with their workforce management software. The solution enabled them to identify more than 1,000 employees with higher accuracy from 50 different government offices throughout the state. They have also selected our M2-FingerVein™ Reader as an input device that uses pattern-recognition techniques based on images of human finger vein patterns beneath the skin’s surface and provides the ultimate identification accuracy. The solution provided them with an affordable alternative to expensive time clocks and a more secure employee identification system to track employee time and attendance and eliminate buddy punching.

20 Million records for Nigerian biometric voter registration project

In 2007, M2SYS Technology provided the government of Nigeria with 10,000 fingerprint scanners and biometric software to help register over 20 million of 71 million voters for their biometric voter registration exercise. Millions of eligible Nigerian voters registered in the biometric voter registration project with M2SYS hardware and software solutions to create free and credible elections without fear of corruption, bribery or duplicate voters.

Tracking millions of inmates and visitors at U.S. jails and correctional facilities

Working with jail management software systems at correctional facilities throughout the U.S., M2SYS Technology registers and identifies millions of inmates and facility visitors each year with biometric fingerprint identification technology. Thousands of M2SYS biometric hardware devices capture millions of inmate identities each day during booking, medication distribution, location tracking, and again prior to release. Critical to ensuring public safety, M2SYS’ biometric inmate identification solutions often times will prevent over-populated and under-staffed jails from releasing unauthorized inmates due to human error or to inmates swapping ID bracelets with other inmates. Biometric identification solutions from M2SYS provide a fail-safe way to properly manage correctional facilities. Inmate whereabouts can be determined at any time, which increases inmate accountability and in turn, increases overall jail and public security and safety.

Biometric system for Iraqi border patrol security

With over one million registrants and 100 terminal checkpoints with plans for future project expansion to 400 terminal checkpoints, the Iraqi Kurdistan Province of Sulaymaniyah currently uses the M2SYS AFIS/ABIS biometric identification system to protect their borders from insurgents and terrorists. The Government of Sulaymaniyah Province are using M2SYS fingerprint biometric technology to automate border control check in, boost security, increase efficiencies by eliminating paperwork, and enhance staff productivity.

140 million fingerprint database for Nigerian mobile phone tracking project

Working directly with the five major telecommunications companies and The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), M2SYS is set to collect more than 140 million fingerprint templates for 35 million civilian mobile phone SIM card users. With registration now set up through 11,500 M2SYS fingerprint readers spread throughout the country, the purpose of the deployment is to assemble a database of known mobile phone SIM card users to prevent fraud and corruption of the system. Each civilian who purchases a SIM card is required to register with the NCC through the major telecom providers to avoid having a third party obtain the card in order to commit a crime. The operators have collected an excess of 20 million fingerprints as of last month.

Biometric identification for membership management

Membership management facilities needed to adopt an effective and affordable identity management solution that was easily integrated into their existing fitness club management software to identify members at check-in, pulling up their photo and profile simply by providing their biometric profile. Facilities were also seeking an identification solution that would eliminate the cost and burden of membership ID cards which are expensive to maintain and replace.

Fingerprint biometrics for Egyptian military academy

To increase security and build a biometric database of their personnel, the Egyptian Military Academy is currently using M2SYS fingerprint reader biometrics along with Bio-Plugin identification software to register and identify Academy attendees.

Biometric identification for half a million Nigerian federal employees

The federal government of Nigeria implemented the M2SYS Hybrid Biometric Platform identification solution to register and track half a million federal employees from 300 distribution locations throughout the country. Considered to be one of the largest workforce management biometric identification projects in the world, using M2SYS Bio-Plugin™ Hybrid Biometric Platform technology to register all civil service federal employees helps to eliminate Ghost workers who were illegally receiving payroll benefits.

Protecting and safeguarding blood supply in India using biometrics

Protecting the global blood supply is one of the most critical safeguards for disease prevention and the spread of harmful or potentially fatal viruses. Traditionally, many countries have a difficult time establishing coordinated and accurate medical histories of donors that include the ability to flag “professional” blood donors – those who are inflicted with a disease or condition that renders their blood contaminated but continually attempt to donate for financial compensation.

Fingerprint biometrics for Kronos workforce timekeeper

Established in 1966, the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. is an integral component for the educational mission of the University. The Foundation exists to provide the highest level of service and financial support while maintaining corporate fiscal integrity.

The Las Vegas department of leisure services

The Las Vegas Department of Leisure Services provides quality cultural and recreational experiences to its 20,000 members that include all ages and abilities throughout the city of Las Vegas. It was using membership management software from a third party vendor with plastic membership cards to track attendance and was looking for an identification software solution that would save the expense and maintenance fees for manufacturing and replacing member ID cards.

Fingerprint technology used to track youth service attendance

Their vendor selected Bio-SnapON™ to work in tandem with their existing attendance tracking software. Bio-SnapON™ is a complete biometric software system that can be instantly “snapped-on” to any Windows or web software, without any code-level development. The solution leverages M2SYS’ award-winning Hybrid Biometric Platform™ technology, which supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein and iris biometrics.

Hybrid biometrics for Kronos workforce timekeeper – property management

Yarco now utilizes the web-based KRONOS system to record and manage their time and attendance for nearly 1,000 employees through vascular biometrics. They have a vein reader installed at each one of their apartment communities, for a total of 100 vein scanners. Each day the entire community staff uses the device to time in and out. Then, through the power of the Internet, that activity is transferred to their servers at the corporate office for the payroll department to utilize for payroll processing.

The use of the KRONOS web application allows them to easily connect with their staff who are spread across the United States. The advantage of utilizing biometric technology from M2SYS is that their users only need to scan using a vascular biometric device in order to provide Yarco with the necessary information to process their payroll. What was once a multi-step, time consuming, unsecure process was transformed into a quick, efficient and accurate payroll system.

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