M2-Palm Vein™

Industry-Leading Palm Biometrics with 100% Authentication Accuracy

The M2-PalmVein™ palm vein scanner from M2SYS uses a near-infrared light to create a “vein map” of the users palm to perform highly accurate and secure biometric recognition.

M2-Palm Vein™ Reader

Unlike other forms of biometric technology, palm biometrics are robust and scan beneath the surface of the skin demonstrating a high tolerance of skin surface problems such as dryness, roughness, moisture, or scarring.

With extremely low FAR and FRR rates, non-intrusive contactless authentication, and the highest reliability of all hand or finger based biometric authentication readers, the M2-PalmVein™ scanner is the ideal and most superior biometric reader for all environments.

M2-Palm Vein™ Reader

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  • Difficult to Forge Because vein patterns exist inside of the body, it is practically impossible to recreate someone’s biometric template. The sensor of the palm vein scanner needs the hand and blood flow to register an image.
  • Accuracy Sophisticated back end search algorithms allow for near 100% identification accuracy. The palm vein reader has a high tolerance for skin surface problems that otherwise limit the effectiveness of other biometric modalities allowing for universal applicability and a high level of user acceptance.
  • Compatibility Palm vein technology can be implemented in both 1:1 and 1:N matching environments. The new M2SYS Hybrid Server™ enables users to implement fingerprintfinger vein, palm vein, and iris recognition technology on the same server platform.


  • Can be deployed in a variety of implementation settings.
  • Can be used by anyone – the palm vein scanner has virtually no physiological restrictions.
  • Sophisticated algorithms allow for near 100% accuracy every time.
  • High tolerance of skin surface problems, e.g. roughness, moisture, and dirt.
  • High level of user acceptance.
  • No privacy issues.
  • More affordable than other palm vein readers in the same category.

Technical Specifications

Category Description
Interface USB 2.0 / 1.1 (Hi speed or full speed)
Power Consumption 2.5 W or less, <10 MA During Active Scanning
False Acceptance Rate FAR = <0.00008% (per palm vein reader technical specifications from Fujitsu, Inc.)
False Reject Rate FRR = <0.01% (per palm vein reader technical specifications from Fujitsu, Inc.)
Warranty 1 year mechanical defect
Regulations Meets US Government Industry Resolution Standards
Acoustic Noise None
Resolution 500dpi
Operating Temperature 0° to 60°C
Storage Temperature -20° to 70° C

Download M2-Palm Vein™ Reader Brochure
Download M2-Palm Vein™ Reader Brochure in English
M2-Palm Vein™ Reader Brochure in English
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