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AI Powered Employee Monitoring Software


Software To Ensure That Employees Are Truly Working From Home

Optimize your remote team’s workflow and engagement with overall activity monitoring, accurate time tracking, screenshot recording, web and app usage analysis to improve productivity, business, and overall operation.


Remote Workforce Management
& Analytics Software

The CloudDesk® remote workforce management software provides real-time visibility into distributed workforce activities to increase productivity, improve compliance, and optimize performance.

  • Time Tracking Time Tracking
  • Screenshots Screenshots
  • Track Website & Apps Track Website & Apps
  • Employee Face ID Employee Face ID

Why CloudDesk® Is Best For Your Business?

Improve productivity and employee satisfaction by offering more flexibility with CloudDesk® employee monitoring software!

cloudDesk-Work from anywhere

from anywhere

Empower your employees to work from any location by monitoring time and attendance, breaks, and how much time they actually spent working.


who’s working on what

Know what employees are doing, their web and app usage and where they spend their time. CloudDesk® provides crucial data to understand their work patterns.


flexible work hours

Being tied to a desk for 8 hours/day is an outdated concept. Modernize your business by enabling employees to work around their personal lives, not the other way around.

Establish two-way trust

Stop violating your employee privacy by spying on them, start optimizing their usage by fostering a culture of mutual trust with CloudDesk.


With CloudDesk®, there's no reason to doubt a team member and corporate politics can never impact a great team member's performance review.


Employees also have peace-of-mind knowing that their hard work and extra efforts are being documented.

Features Of Our Employee Monitoring Software

Features of CloudDesk®

  • clouddesk-remote-employee-activity-monitoring

    Remote Employee Activity Monitoring

    Monitor all remote employee activity real time. Prevent misconduct while increasing productivity and ROI.

  • clouddesk-employee-time-tracking

    Employee Time Tracking

    Enable employees to check-in/check-out and enroll their Face ID for attendance confirmation throughout the work day.

  • clouddesk-employee-engagement-checking-system

    Employee Engagement Checking

    Periodically prompt employees to confirm their engagement throughout the working day.

How Does Our Remote Workforce Management Software Work?

Who Can Use CloudDesk® Employee Monitoring Software?

Banks &
Financial Institutions

Track valuable analytics such as workforce productivity level, work hours, and detect performance degradation with the CloudDesk® employee monitoring software for banks and financial institutions. It lets you observe employee work patterns and take corrective actions to maximize productivity.

Customer Service &
Call Center

CloudDesk® employee monitoring software for call center and customer service desks offers valuable analytics on agent productivity level, punctuality, and their behavioral traits. Our dashboard allows you to analyze your agents' work patterns and take corrective actions without hours of micro-monitoring.

Small Businesses

CloudDesk® employee monitoring software is an affordable solution for small and medium businesses with monthly or annual subscription rates that businesses of any size will find manageable. The powerful features help identify employee productivity levels and scopes for growth opportunities.

BPO & Data
Entry Services

CloudDesk® provides a tailor-made solution that offers customizable features to address the BPO & Data Entry industry’s contemporary business needs. Empowering you with crucial workforce data and analytics so that your organization can achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.

IT & Software
Development Companies

The processes and productivity of individuals working in the IT sector can be difficult to monitor and optimize, we created a complete employee monitoring software solution to help you do just that. Establish accountability and collect vital information that you need to measure your team’s productivity.


CloudDesk provides a tailor-made customizable solution to address the Insurance industry’s contemporary employee productivity monitoring needs. Our software identifies the root cause of low/high productivity levels by understanding the overall PC activities of your team and helps them to be more productive.

Can’t Find Your Industry?

We can build you a personalized employee monitoring app for your industry
or business in matter of hours, feel free to contact us as if you need more details.

Why Choose CloudDesk® For Your Remote Workforce Management?

Affordable Pricing

Pricing starts at only $5/user/month! The CloudDesk® subscription also provides access to additional business productivity apps that are offered through the CloudApper platform.

Create a Trusted Environment

CloudDesk® employee monitoring software creates a trusted remote working environment where employers have more confidence in employee participation while working remotely.

Increase Business ROI

Keeping remote employees focused protects your business from unwanted loss. As a result, operations and goals can stay on track even during times of heightened concern.


Convinced? Let’s Get Started

Convinced? Let’s Get Started


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