CertisID™ for Financial Services

Customizable biometric identity, document management and ‘know your customer’ cloud solution for the banking and financial services industry.


Customer identification  /  Employee identification  /  Mobile  /  Single sign-on (SSO)

Positively Identify Customer Identities with CertisID™

Fast, accurate, and secure customer identification for KYC initiatives

Financial services customers need to feel safe and secure knowing that their identities are protected for each and every transaction. In a world where fraud and identity theft are increasing security concerns, patrons expect that their financial service institutions are investing in modern technology that can quickly, accurately, and securely verify their identities and protect their assets.

Financial service institutions themselves can invest in the peace of mind, protection, and quality customer service that accurate identification technology offers. The key is investing in an authentication solution that strikes a balance between security and privacy protection plus offers the ability to expand the identity platform to multiple uses – directly parallel with the precipitous rise in mobile and online financial service transactions.

Offering the convenience of choosing from five different biometric modalities – fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, or voice recognition, CertisID™ offers fast, accurate customer identification, even for large databases  containing millions of records. It establishes a concrete audit trail for customer transactions, helps reduce identity fraud at the point of service, protects customer identities and improves customer service and brand sentiment.

Optimal Security & Reliability on Finger Imaging and Liveness Detection

“Smart” finger reader

Next-generation fingerprint reader delivering optimal security & reliability with advanced finger imaging and liveness detection

High Speed Matching - industry’s fastest matching system

High speed matching

Lower your hardware burden with industry’s fastest matching system. – 100 million prints/sec in a single server.

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