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Biometric Videos and Webcasts

Hardware Training Videos

Training Video on How to Use the M2-FuseID™ “Smart” Finger Scanner

Training Video on How to Use the M2SYS Palm Vein Scanner with Fujitsu PalmSecure Sensor

Training Video On How to Use the VeinID Finger Vein Reader Manufactured By Hitachi Systems, Inc.

M2SYS M2-TwoPrint Dual Fingerprint Reader Training Video

Case Study Videos

Biometric Technology for Church Management at The Vine Church

How The Yarco Companies Use RightPunch™ for Kronos with Vascular Biometrics to Eliminate Time Theft

How the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation Uses RightPunch™ for Kronos to Save Money and Improve Efficiencies

The City of Las Vegas Adopts Biometric Technology

Product Demos

M2-FuseID™ Biometric “Smart” Finger Reader

M2-S™ Fingerprint Reader | USB Fingerprint Scanner

Fingerprint Scanner: M2-EasyScan™

M2SYS Technology Around the World

African Hospital Utilizes Fingerprint Biometrics

Biometric Voter Registration System Deployed in Yemen

M2SYS Staff Videos

M2SYS Staff Volunteers with HomeStretch of Atlanta to Help Rehab Houses for the Homeless

M2SYS Volunteers Again with HomeStretch of Atlanta to Rebuild Houses for the Homeless

Biometric Software, scanner, fingerprint readers solutions

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M2SYS software is used by tens of thousands of end users worldwide across a variety of industries. Find out how our technology can empower your market.

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