RightPunch™ Affordable Biometric Time Clock Software for Kronos and ADP

Skip the expensive maintenance contracts on time attendance solutions and implement an affordable biometric time clock.

Eliminate Time Theft, Reduce Payroll Expenses, Increase Accountability, and Boost Productivity with the RightPunch™ Biometric Time Clock

Why invest in RightPunch™?

  • No expensive maintenance contracts
  • Lower payroll error rates
  • Increased employee productivity and accountability
  • Prevent buddy punching
  • Eliminate time theft
  • Ensure a concrete audit trail

Calculate Your ROI with RightPunch™

Use the calculator below to estimate how much you can save annually when you adopt RightPunch™ to replace your manual attendance system

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How A Biometric Time Clock Improves Workforce Management

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Number of Operating Hours per Week per Employee
Average Number of Employees per Site
Average Hourly Wage $
"Buddy Punching" Effect (Loss) %
(The American Payroll Association (APA) estimates losses from buddy punching can equate to 2-5% of total payroll expenditures)
Total Number of Sites
Total Annual Payroll per Site $
Annual Impact (Loss) on Payroll per Site $
Annual Impact (Loss) on Total Payroll $
Cost Savings per Site (Year 1) w/M2SYS Solution $*
Total Cost Savings (Year 1)

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Featured Case Study

Client: Lowes
Product: RightPunch™
Country: Australia
Industry: Retail
Use: Biometric Time and Attendance

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Featured Case Study

Client: US Vision
Product: RightPunch™
Country: USA
Industry: Workforce Management
Use: Biometric Time and Attendance

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Featured Case Study

Client: City of Columbia, South Carolina
Product: RightPunch™
Country: USA
Industry: State Government
Use: Biometric Time and Attendance

Features of RightPunch™

  • No expensive yearly maintenance contracts
  • Instantly interfaces with any third-party workforce management and/or POS software
  • Custom versions available for major labor tracking platforms like Kronos, ADP, Empower and Qqest
  • Includes offline punch capture, local schedule enforcement, and employee self-service (ESS) capabilities
  • Supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, and iris recognition
  • Works with biometrics and/or employee ID entry

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Supported Platforms

ADP with M2SYS
Kronos with M2SYS
empower with M2SYS biometric time clock
infinisource with M2SYS

Customer Testimonials

“RightPunch™ is a smart addition that will help to strengthen our labor tracking strategies and supplement our goal of helping employees boost productivity and increase accountability to achieve optimal performance,”

Carmen Nepa
CFO, US Vision

“Since doing away with swipe cards in 2010 this has done a great deal for employee accountability.”

Michael DeFalco
HR Payroll Manager, JMG Realty, Inc.

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