M2-EasyScan™ Fingerprint Reader

Rugged and durable Fingerprint reader built around FDU03FRS™ fingerprint sensor for reliable scanning under varying industry conditions.


M2-EasyScan™ USB Fingerprint Reader

The M2-EasyScan™ – A fingerprint reader for every need. With over a decade of experience delivering biometric identity management solutions to customers throughout the world has led us to extensively test and support multiple fingerprint readers, ensuring that you have the right options for success. The M2-EasyScan™ fingerprint reader is a rugged, ergonomic fingerprint scanner that ensures a consistent image quality and accurate results, even in high throughput environments. Powered by our Hybrid Biometric Platform™ fingerprint software, and award-winning Bio-Plugin™ biometric integration middleware, fingerprint recognition with the M2-EasyScan™ fingerprint reader is permeating the commercial marketplace.

In high throughput environments such as fitness club membership management or school lunch line POS, a fingerprint device is required that will capture a high quality image and will not degrade with frequent usage. The M2-EasyScan™ optical fingerprint reader from M2SYS was designed with these goals in mind and is meeting these challenges with success.

Certifications: CE, FCC, WHQL, RoHS, STQC

Fingerprint Reader

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Features of M2-EasyScan™ Fingerprint Reader
  • Highly durable and rugged – proven to resist electrostatic shock, impact, drops, scratches, extreme temperatures, humidity, electrostatic discharge, and contaminants (sweat, dirt, oil, etc)
  • Ultra-precise 500 DPI resolution
  • Auto-On automatically turns on sensor when it detects a finger
  • Smart Capture ensures quality fingerprint scanning for dry, moist, aged, scarred, and difficult-to-scan fingers
  • At the heart of the M2-EasyScan™ is the FDU03FRS™ sensor, made With the ultra-precise OPP03- series optic module
  • Hardened fingerprint contact area that is resistant to scratches, impact, corrosion and electrostatic discharge (ESD)
  • Compact and ergonomically designed to work with any finger or thumb
  • Integrated finger guide

Benefits of M2-EasyScan™ Fingerprint Reader

  • Improved security and convenience
  • Removable, weighted stand
  • Reliable and consistent performance
  • Reduced password resets saving IT time and resources
  • Works well with dry, wet, aged, scarred, or problematic fingers
  • Accurately reads the fingerprints of smaller children
  • More affordable than other fingerprint readers in the same category
  • Can be used with all M2SYS fingerprint software applications
  • Convenient Auto-On feature automatically turns on sensor when it detects a finger
  • Patented optical technology for clear image quality with high contrast, high signal-to-noise ratio, and practically no distortion
  • This fingerprint scanner has a durable frame and non-membrane based sensor surface

Software for M2-EasyScan™ Fingerprint Device

There’s no need to seek any farther than our comprehensive array of software solutions for M2-EasyScan Pro™ fingerprint reader. With our cloud-based software solutions, the M2-EasyScan Pro™ fingerprint reader works perfectly. You can use the following three of our most popular software solutions to get your biometric project off to a flying start:

Biometric capture tool

Simplest biometric capturing tools for M2-EasyScan Pro™ fingerprint reader is available from us. Using our CloudScanr technology, you can start to capture and send biometric data from your device to any host application or matching engine in only a few minutes.

Learn More
Biometric matching engine

When you integrate the M2-EasyScan Pro™ fingerprint reader with our CloudABIS biometric matching system, it gives you the fastest and most accurate 1:N and 1:1 matching service experience available in the market. CloudABIS is also very affordable in price and highly scalable.

Learn More
eGov solution

Don’t have a host application to implement your government biometric project? Our eGov platform can be used to develop highly customizable web and mobile applications for your biometric identity management projects without writing a single line of code.

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Case Studies


Biometric Integration to Eliminate Buddy Punching

Nigerian Green UNCT Consulting Ltd. integrated our Bio-Plugin™ biometric software development kit (SDK) with their workforce management solution to offer customers a more accurate solution to identify employees. They decided to deploy fingerprint biometrics and choose the M2-EasyScan™ fingerprint reader. Implementing a biometric fingerprint identification solution provides customers access to a more accurate employee authentication tool that can remove the loopholes and limitations of traditional workforce management systems, eliminate buddy punching from time and attendance.

International Health Management

Biometric Integration for Accurate Patient Identification

International Health Management selected our Bio-Plugin™ Biometric Software Development Kit (SDK) to integrate a web based fingerprint identification system with their healthcare system for accurate patient identification. They have successfully integrated Bio-Plugin™ paired with the M2-EasyScan™ Fingerprint Reader, which covers approximately 5,000 patients in 5 different remote locations within Bangladesh.The integration helped them to ensure accurate patient identification, prevent duplicate medical records, and reduce medical errors casued by patient misidentification.

Technical Specifications

Category Description
Interface USB 1.1, 2.0
Type Optical
Light source /  Typical lifetime  LED 60,000 hours
Size 58.5mm (L) x 53.9mm (W) x 31.6mm (H)
Calibration Device self-calibrates
Resolution 500 dpi
Operating system Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 2000, Me, Server 2003 (32 and 64 bit
Warranty 1 year mechanical defect
Weight 89g (without cable)
Operating temperature 0°C ~ +65°C
Certifications MIC, CE, FCC, WHQL, RoHs compliance
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