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Experienced Leadership; Proven Results
Experienced Leadership; Proven Results

Education Management Systems, Inc. integrates M2SYS fingerprint software into school lunch line pos and financial software

Leading provider of software and services for the administrative management of K-12 education to provide school customers with powerful fingerprint biometrics software for student identification

Atlanta, April 12, 2006 – M2SYS Technology, a biometric technology research and development company, announced today it has finalized a long-term agreement with Education Management Systems, Inc. (EMS), a leading provider of school nutrition and financial software to the K-12 market. This agreement will benefit school customers by enabling EMS to integrate and distribute M2SYS’ leading edge fingerprint software technology within the ISIS™ financial administration and Meals Plus+™ lunch line POS solutions. The integrated fingerprint software is now available to EMS’ established customer base of more than 3,000 schools across the country.

“When M2SYS first approached us with the concept of integrating their fingerprint system, we were a bit skeptical of how easy they claimed it would be and were unsure whether customer demand would be significant enough to offset a huge development effort,” recalled Ben Hooks, CEO of Education Management Systems, Inc. “However, once we agreed to test their system, we realized the integration methodology was exactly as advertised – simple, fast, and without headache. This was a significant advantage over other fingerprint SDKs we had been evaluating. And as we began talking to our customers about the system, we saw an enormous and growing demand for fingerprint technology in the education industry. The M2SYS approach has enabled us to immediately begin capitalizing on this while providing a valuable product addition for our customers.”

The EMS ISIS™ solution contains several modules enabling schools to centrally manage and control all financial information. The Fixed Assets module is designed to assist schools with their fiduciary role of tracking fixed assets, including acquisitions, retirements, transfers, and improvements. General Ledger is the foundation of a financial package that is designed to integrate Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Payroll, Fixed Assets, Warehousing, and Child Nutrition into one comprehensive administrative package. Payroll is designed specifically to meet the demands of the K-12 school environment while maintaining user flexibility and ease of use.

EMS Meals Plus+™ is a complete, windows-based school cafeteria software solution developed exclusively for the K-12 environment. The Meals Plus suite is comprised of management modules encompassing front to back of the house including: Point of Sale with accountability and participation reporting, Free & Reduced application processing, Meal Application Scanning, internet meal payments, inventory ordering & management, commodity allocation, bid analysis, menu planning, nutrition analysis, production records, district office communications & integration.

“Not only does M2SYS bring an innovative approach to integrating fingerprint software, they have also provided exceptional employee and customer education that have helped our sales and marketing initiatives launch as quickly as possible,” added Hooks. “Customers are first using the system to help control nutritional administrative costs, speed transactions, and eliminate PINs and swipe cards by identifying students in the lunch line with a single fingerprint scan. We already have customers interested in utilizing the system with other areas of our software, such as time and attendance.”

Bio-Plugin™ enables software companies to quickly integrate a complete, seamless fingerprint recognition system, including a high-performance 1:N identification engine. Bio-Plugin™ eliminates the system dependencies, extensive development, and specialized knowledge of biometric complexities inherent to fingerprint SDKs. This enables software companies to remain focused on their core products, while establishing a new revenue channel with the addition of an integrated biometric component.

“The agreement between Education Management Systems and M2SYS continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of our patented integration technology, and once again confirms the M2SYS fingerprint software is the solution of choice for industry leading software providers,” commented Mizan Rahman, CEO and Chief Scientist/Engineer of M2SYS. “By using Bio-Plugin™, EMS saved considerable development time, enabling them to rapidly deploy a first-class fingerprint software system, while remaining focused on their core applications. Additionally, EMS is gaining a long-term technology partner in M2SYS that is focused on continually providing unparalleled, cutting-edge biometric solutions.”

About M2SYS Technology

M2SYS Technology is a forward thinking biometric research and development company. Its portfolio includes Bio-Plugin™, a patent-pending, biometrics solution that software providers can use to quickly adopt a seamless fingerprint software recognition module with minimal development effort. Leveraging its core biometric processing server, the technology facilitates one-to-one verification and one-to-many identification, enabling fast, secure, and highly accurate human recognition processing. M2SYS also manufactures its own industrial fingerprint scanner called the M2-S™ Fingerprint Reader for use in commercial environments.

M2SYS has integrated its fingerprint technology into hundreds of leading enterprise software solutions across various market segments, including: patient identification, time and attendance, jail management, school management, banking, HIPPA compliance, fitness club membership management, child care, child ID, point of sale, and terminal automation.


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M2SYS Technology
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About Education Management Systems, Inc.

Education Management Systems, Inc. is a 17 year old K-12 administrative software company headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina. EMS develops, distributes and supports school accounting and food service management software in schools throughout the United States under the ISIS and Meals Plus trade names.

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