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Use FingerVein Biometrics to Avoid Fingerprint Issues

Our non-invasive, contactless finger vein reader scans below the skin's surface for a perfect read, every time.

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FingerVein Biometrics

Cuts, dry skin, scars, and other factors can sometimes prevent fingerprint readers from reliably enrolling or identifying a person. The M2-FingerVein™ finger vein reader solves this issue. Finger Vein authentication captures images of the vein patterns inside your finger. These, like other biometric patterns, are unique. In addition, because they are inside your body, finger vein patterns are virtually impossible to replicate.

The M2-FingerVein™ finger vein reader works by passing near-infrared light through the finger. This is partially absorbed by the hemoglobin in the veins, allowing an image to be recorded on a CCD camera. Finger Vein authentication is extremely robust, demonstrating a unique ability to easily cope with sweaty, dry, or aged fingers. The finger vein reader is surprisingly inexpensive, making it a viable choice for biometric identification projects of any size, across all markets.

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