Download Case Study on Yarco Company Deploys Finger Vein Biometric Time Clock with UKG/Kronos Workforce Management Software

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biometric time & attendance
Yarco Company, Inc.

Yarco Company, Inc. a US based full-service, multi-family real estate firm choose our RightPunch™ finger vein biometric time clock solution to utilize their web-based UKG/Kronos system to record and manage their time and attendance for nearly 1,000 employees through vascular biometrics. They have a finger vein reader installed at each one of their apartment communities, for a total of 100 scanners. The advantage of utilizing RightPunch™ biometric technology from M2SYS is that their users only need to scan using a vascular biometric device in order to provide Yarco with the necessary information to process their payroll. What was once a multi-step, time consuming, unsecure process was transformed into a quick, efficient, and accurate payroll system.

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