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Education institutions around the world face increasing difficulty with antiquated student identification systems that rely on ID cards or paper documents for authentication because they remain easy to exploit by students seeking to falsify their identities. The sheer volume of students needing secure identification along with the pressure to implement systems that offer fast and accurate identification is sparking more interest in using biometrics as a unique student authentication technology.

Responding to the challenge, M2SYS introduces StudentTrack™ – a cloud-based identity management system schools, colleges, and universities around the world to manage, track, and identify students quickly and accurately, anywhere on campus. StudentTrack™ accelerates operational student identity management to support free and fair access to educational resources, eliminate cheating and fraud, and support student parity across the institution.

Built using our patent-pending CloudApper™ modularized cloud application framework that provides end users and strategic partners with unprecedented flexibility in deploying a customized, enterprise cloud-based software solution, StudentTrack™ offers unprecedented flexibility to construct a customized student identity management system based on unique environments and conditions. Possible applications of StudentTrack™ include identification in the following scenarios:

  • During admission/selection of Students
  • Student classroom attendance
  • Libraries
  • Laboratories
  • Exam Halls
  • Dormitories/Hostels
  • Seminars and fairs
manage, track, and identify students quickly and accurately


  • Completely customizable
  • Multi-Lingual (supports any language including complex languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Thai)
  • Comprehensive demographic data capture
  • Biometric data capture supporting fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, and facial recognition
  • Mobile/Tablet PC based app supported
  • Cloud platform reduces IT Infrastructure related costs
  • Allows supervisors to identify students remotely from anywhere
  • Database provides detailed student information including past records (if available)
  • Flagged student list can be easily shared with Law Enforcement Agencies, Associations & other related institutes if required


  • Central biometric database allows fast access to student information since admissions require 24/7 central data access
  • Accurate student identification supports strong academic credibility
  • Web-based rich client interface provides interactive and seamless user experience
  • Enhanced customization engine allows demographic field customization at any time
  • Supports text-based, phonetic, fuzzy searching in addition to biometric searches
  • Works with mobile platforms including Android and iOS to ensure portability
  • Available in online & offline editions
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