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Experienced Leadership; Proven Results
Experienced Leadership; Proven Results

Linus Inc. selects M2SYS Fingerprint system for rapid integration into mission critical point of sale software solutions

Retail point of sale solution provider unveils integrated M2SYS biometrics system for immediate deployment to nationwide customer base

Atlanta, October 26, 2005 – M2SYS Technology, an innovator in biometric technology research and development, today announced that it has executed a long-term partnership agreement with Linus, Inc. to integrate and support the sale of its patent-pending fingerprint recognition solution called Bio-Plugin™ and its M2-S™ fingerprint reader. The technology will be added to Linus’ RCOMX solution suite which includes Point of Sale (POS) applications for fine-dining restaurants, quick-service restaurants, online ordering, and supermarkets.

“As one of the leaders in the food service point-of-sale software industry, we will continue our pursuit for technological innovations, quality products, and superior services into the next millennium,” said Jimmy Choi, President of Linus, “M2SYS has enabled us to immediately meet and exceed client expectations with a powerful, accurate, and complete system, accelerating time to market by eliminating extensive internal development. And, their flexible partnership model has enabled us to lower the barrier to entry for this advanced technology so that all of our customers can capitalize on the value of integrated biometric technology.”

M2SYS’ patent-pending fingerprint recognition solution called Bio-Plugin™ enables software companies like Linus to immediately integrate into their applications a complete, enterprise-ready, scalable, seamless fingerprint recognition system, including a high-performance 1:N identification engine. Bio-Plugin™ eliminates the system dependencies, extensive development, and specialized knowledge of biometric complexities inherent to development with a traditional fingerprint SDK. This enables software companies to remain focused on their core product, while establishing a new revenue channel and providing increased customer value with the addition of an integrated biometric component.

“M2SYS handled our integration and deployment requirements from start to finish,” commented Choi, “from their highly advanced biometric fingerprint recognition system to their industrial-grade optical fingerprint scanner, M2SYS worked closely with us to ensure the project was successful.”

The M2-S™ optical, USB fingerprint reader is engineered for use in high throughput environments where reliability and ruggedness are critical success factors. Its patent-pending, ergonomic design guides finger placement to produce consistently high-quality images necessary for accurate fingerprint identification. The low maintenance device also works well with rough, dry or moist prints, and automatically encrypts all image data.

“This partnership is yet another example of the adaptability and value of our Bio-Plugin™ solution,” commented Michael Trader, President of M2SYS. “With its selection of Bio-Plugin™, Linus was able to add immediate value to its Point of Sale software without having to slow internal development and endure the complexities of supporting a system outside of its core competency. Their customers now have a reliable, affordable method to eliminate employee buddy punching, which has a direct impact on the bottom line and holds their employees more accountable for their actions. We look forward to working closely with Linus and continuing to provide best-of-breed fingerprint recognition technology for their growing customer base.”

About M2SYS Technology

M2SYS Technology is a proven innovator in the field of biometric software and hardware engineering, research and development. Its portfolio includes Bio-Plugin™, a patent-pending, biometrics solution that software providers can use to quickly adopt a seamless fingerprint recognition module with minimal development effort. Leveraging its core biometric processing server, the technology facilitates one-to-one verification and one-to-many identification, enabling fast, secure, and highly accurate human recognition processing. M2SYS also manufactures its own industrial fingerprint scanner called the M2-S™ Fingerprint Reader for use in commercial environments.

M2SYS technology has been integrated its fingerprint technology into various industry verticals including patient identification, time and attendance, jail management, school management, banking, HIPPA compliance, fitness club membership management, child care, child ID, point of sale, and terminal automation.


M2SYS Technology
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About Linus, Inc.

Linus, Inc. is a solution provider to thousands of customers in the retail, wholesale, distribution, and food service industries throughout North America. Since 1986, Linus International, Inc. has developed and serviced their expanding client base with unique tools and technologies to provide a complete Point-of-Sale business solution which allows businesses to be prepared for the ever-changing market, increase efficiency, and provide unmatched customer service.

Linus offers a suite of point-of-sale (POS) systems for a variety of clients including restaurants and the wholesale industry. Linus solutions address the needs of Supermarket, Fine Dining, Take-Out, Delivery, Fast Food, Internet, and Call Center Ordering.

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