Enterprise identity management

Biometrics software for network security, time and attendance, and patient identification

Enterprise Identity Management
Enterprise Identity Management

Business solutions

A suite of powerful biometric software solutions to protect vital data, eliminate identity fraud, establish a concrete audit trail, and ensure employee accountability for reduced risk and assured financial security.

The M2SYS Business Solutions are finished biometrics software products that provide value to companies and individuals in various areas.  This suite of identity management software solutions delivers airtight security for highly sensitive data, protects corporate and consumer assets, eliminates identity fraud, and increases profitability.

Business solutions overview



Biometric patient identification software that seamlessly interfaces with any EHR/EMR or patient management software. No low-level software or database integration is required. Using our Hybrid Biometric Platform, patients can be authenticated with fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein or iris biometrics.



PC-based biometric time and attendance software that seamlessly interfaces with any workforce management platform. Custom versions already built to interface with Kronos, ADP, Qqest, Empower and many more. More affordable alternative to the traditional wall mounted time clock.


Enterprise Security Suite™

Enterprise biometric network logon and password management solution that interfaces with MS Active Directory.  Uses active directory to manage biometric data on the server and provides this data to clients connected to the network.

multi-modal automated biometric identification system (ABIS)

The M2SYS AFIS system is a scalable and customizable software package that allows you to perform a wide variety of tasks for processing, editing, searching, retrieving, and storing biometric templates and subject records. Separate from our standard AFIS system, M2SYS offers a multi-modal automated biometric identification system (ABIS) which can combine fingerprint identification with an iris or facial recognition capability.


A multi-biometric employee identification interface that replaces sophisticated passwords at the point-of-sale (POS) to improve loss prevention strategies and increase efficiencies. The solution eliminates retail shrinkage and employee theft at point-of-sale while improving productivity and lowering costs with faster login times and less help desk calls.

Customer success

“Adding fingerprint security capabilities to our practice management software makes it one of the most secure solutions available in the marketplace. We found that M2SYS provided the highest level of biometric security from all those we evaluated.”

Bruce Lieberthal Director of Product Management Read more
M2SYS biometric solutions

Business solutions

Looking to protect your vital assets and save money by securing your PC/network, managing passwords, and eliminating identity fraud?  Look no further than our business solutions.

Support services

Our unique service and support model helps our customers to reach the full potential of their biometrics investment. The secret? The human aspect.

fingerprint software development kit sdk

Fingerprint SDK

Need to integrate fingerprint biometrics into your application?  Our core technology solutions enable you to integrate a complete system without the burden of a low level fingerprint SDK.

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