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Senior Leadership Team

Michael Trader, Co-Founder and President

Michael helped grow the company from a startup to a leader in biometric technology. As President, he spearheaded many strategic partnership initiatives and played a crucial role with the company’s product development roadmap. Michael is responsible for overseeing business development and marketing activities, building partnerships, government outreach and providing senior leadership on business and policy issues.

He was a key executive and Vice President of Global Sales at BayBuilder where he oversaw all global sales activity and developed business relationships with dozens of Fortune 1000 companies to help them implement profitable sourcing methodologies utilizing leading-edge technology. After the acquisition of BayBuilder, Mr. Trader served as the Executive Director of Application Consulting at PurchasePro where he worked closely with other sales and business development executives and managed the product development team. Mr. Trader graduated with honors from the pre-medical program at the Universtiy of Vermont earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences.


Michael Trader
Co-Founder and President

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