Experienced Leadership; Proven Results

Experienced leadership; proven results

Rest easy by selecting a biometrics partner that will be with you for the long haul. Invest in a company with a proven track record of successful biometric technology deployments, a strong customer base, and a profitable business model.

Experienced Leadership; Proven Results

International health professionals to implement M2SYS Biometric fingerprint systems across the nation of Angola

The largest hospitals in Angola to Use fingerprint biometrics for patient identification

Atlanta, January 25, 2010 – M2SYS Technology, a global biometrics research and development firm, in conjunction with international healthcare technology group 1Key4Solutions, will begin implementing M2SYS biometric software solutions across the nation of Angola. The project will start with Hospital 28 Augosta, one of the largest hospitals in the Republic.

After experiencing difficulty with patient identification, facilitating a seamless clinical process, and maintaining accurate healthcare records, Hospital 28 Augosta recognized the need for improvement. M2SYS Technology, known for their innovative biometric solutions and proven implementations in Africa, has been selected to secure and streamline the hospital’s patient identification process.

Hospital 28 Augosta will use HeathGest Software, an integrated clinical information system from RPGSi Business Solutions. RPGSi, a member of 1Key4Solutions, integrated the M2SYS fingerprint biometrics system because of M2SYS’ expertise in providing biometric software and hardware solutions to various healthcare fields, including hundreds of hospitals and clinics across the globe.

Currently Hospital 28 Augosta can hold 20,000 biometrically secured patient records and can easily scale to an unlimited database through the M2SYS system.

1Key4Solutions will make M2SYS Technology the official provider of biometric solutions for all major hospitals in the Angola area because of M2SYS’ successful implementation of fingerprint, finger vein, and multi-modal biometric solutions around the world.

“Accurate patient identification and efficient healthcare management are critical to ensuring safe, expedited treatment and to controlling costs,” stated Michael Trader, president of M2SYS. “We look forward to expanding our biometric solutions across Angola and Africa as a whole.”

About M2SYS Technology

M2SYS Technology, www.m2sys.com, is a recognized industry leader in biometric identity management technology, delivering a wide range of enterprise-ready, turnkey fingerprint, finger vein, iris, and hand geometry biometric software and hardware solutions for businesses and consumers.


Danielle Martin
Communications Specialist
M2SYS Technology

About 1K4S, S.A.

1Key4Solutions, www.1k4s.com , was created by a combination of several technology companies to join in a global effort to answer the growing needs of organizations in international markets. 1K4S is currently present in Portugal, Angola, and Cape Verde.

About RPGSi
RPGSi, www.rpgsi.com, was founded in 2001 with a vision to provide its customers with efficient solutions with patterns of high quality, as well as areas of technologies and systems for information. RPGSi’s main concern has always been its customers.

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