Mobile Enrollment

Reduce Operational Costs by 40% and Improve Efficiencies


Mobile Enrollment – Reduce Operational Costs by 40% and Improve Efficiencies

Widespread government and commercial projects such as national ID, ePassport, immigration and border control, law enforcement, and military bases can utilize the M2SYS Mobile Enrollment solution to enroll individuals from any geographic location. The Mobile Enrollment app is  compatible with all M2SYS cloud-based solutions including: CloudApper™, CloudABIS™, CertisID™, ePolice™, PrisonSecure™, SecuredPASS™, StudentTrack™, TrueVoter™.  Captured biometric data can be sent to a networked server or our Cloud Matcher solution for fast, cloud-based authentication.

The Mobile Enrollment app can also capture data offline to store and sync data on demand with the host server. The online version can seamlessly communicate with the server using internet connectivity over GSM or Wi-Fi and provides a full-featured enrollment interface to create profiles for any individual from a smartphone, tablet or PC.  The enrollment app is compatible with the following biometric modalities and devices:

  • 2-Finger Fingerprint
  • Facial Recognition


  • Compatible with any M2SYS cloud-based solutions
  • Compatible with Android & iOS platforms
  • Demographic data capture capability
  • Biometric data enrollment facility to attach with individual profiles
  • FBI, ISO, ANSI compatible data format generation
  • Seamless integration support with any 3rd party application
  • Encrypted data communication with host/server
  • Uses front camera to capture enrollee photo
  • Uses back camera to capture documents
  • Applicable to a wide range of industries, including: Defense, Immigration, Border Control, Census, Judicial & Law Enforcement, Banking, Micro-Credit Organizations, Logistics Support Providers


  • Reduce time needed for enrollment functions
  • Increase breadth of enrollment population
  • Reduces enrollment station development resources
  • Enrollment possible anywhere and anytime
  • Secured communication protocol with server
  • Fully customizable solution
  • Minimize operational and deployment costs
  • Ability to work both online and offline

Technical Specifications

System Requirements
  • Android 4.0 and later versions
  • iOS 6.0 and later versions
  • USB OTG Support for portable Biometric Scanners
  • At least 512MB free memory on Phone/SD Card
Optimal Security & Reliability on Finger Imaging and Liveness Detection

“Smart” Finger Reader

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High Speed Matching

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