AFIS/ABIS for Healthcare and Welfare

Maintain the security and integrity of universal healthcare and welfare systems

Healthcare and Welfare

AFIS/ABIS for Healthcare & Welfare

Governments who have instituted a universal healthcare and welfare system need a strong identification backend support database to help maintain the security and integrity of their programs. These databases require substantial capital investments to ensure that the health and social welfare systems are operating efficiently and continually working towards improving quality of life which has a direct impact on international economic competitiveness. Many are starting to explore using healthcare ID and welfare ID biometric technology as the backbone of their program authenticity in partnership with a smart card or national ID card initiative. As more governments establish secure databases that store citizen identity templates, they use this information is the core source for creation of healthcare ID and welfare ID cards and electronic documents to administer the country’s medical and social welfare system.

The M2SYS AFIS biometric database is perfectly positioned to act as the smart card or national ID identity data repository for the efficient administration of these health and welfare systems providing quick verification and guaranteeing accurate data authentication. Closing any loopholes for healthcare ID or welfare fraud by proving a secure data network infrastructure for the identification of citizens, the M2SYS AFIS system architecture is built and designed to handle millions of records and can be customized to handle uni-modal or multi-modal fingerprint, iris or facial registrations.

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AFIS/ABIS for health and welfare Workflow

AFIS Healthcare ID and Welfare system Workflow

Since identity fraud can wreak havoc on the administration of an efficient and effective healthcare and social welfare system, undermining its credibility and significantly driving up costs for the programs, using a system like the M2SYS AFIS biometric database to create healthcare ID and welfare ID cards helps to support interoperability and keeps costs in check to facilitate improvements in medical care and benefit distribution. Our biometric software works as a tool to develop societal parity so that every individual is recognized, unique and provided with the resources that are their right as citizens.If you would like more information on how to deploy the M2SYS AFIS system to establish and its applicability to administering an efficient and effective healthcare and welfare system, please fill out the contact form on the right.

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