Mobile Matcher

Works seamlessly with mobile enrollment app


Mobile Matcher – Cloud or networked biometric search

The M2SYS Mobile Matcher facilitates biometric search operations for the Mobile Enrollment app.  Our scalable, high-performance biometric matching system can reside in the cloud or on a secure network to process authentication requests quickly and accurately. In a single off-the-shelf (OTS) server, the matching system can search over 100 million fingerprints/sec and 50 million faces/sec. The Mobile Matcher can also run locally with our enrollment and capture software when using the system with a Windows tablet.


  • Secured communication through encrypted data with cloud server
  • Works seamlessly with Mobile Enrollment app
  • Does not require any proprietary device or operating system
  • Applicable to a wide range of industries, including: Defense, Immigration, Border Control, Census, Judicial & Law Enforcement, Banking, Micro-Credit Organizations, Logistics Support Providers
  • Uses GSM/CDMA internet connectivity for connecting with host/server
  • Matching system can search over 100 million fingerprints/sec, 30 million irises/sec and 50 million faces/sec


  • Eliminates data center development and maintenance costs
  • Eliminates need for PC-based matching system
  • Supports fingerprint, iris, and facial recognition biometrics
  • Able to work both online and offline for future synchronization depending on high-speed connection availability
  • Ability to identify individuals in the field from any mobile device
  • Works with Android/iOS tablets and mobile phones/tablets
  • Provides 100% operation portability with the option of central monitoring

Technical specifications

System requirements
  • Android 4.0 and later versions
  • iOS 6.0 and later versions
  • GSM/CDMA connectivity for online version
  • At least 512MB free memory on phone/SDK card storage
Optimal Security & Reliability on Finger Imaging and Liveness Detection

“Smart” finger reader

Next-generation fingerprint reader delivering optimal security & reliability with advanced finger imaging and liveness detection

High Speed Matching - industry’s fastest matching system

High speed matching

Lower your hardware burden with industry’s fastest matching system. – 100 million prints/sec in a single server.

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