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Biometric Technology for Membership Management

Using Fingerprint Software to Eliminate ID Cards, Prevent Identity Fraud, and Offer a More Convenient User Experience

Fitness clubs and other membership-based businesses are saving money and increasing sales through the innovative use of our fingerprint software.

Running an efficient and profitable membership-based organization is nearly impossible without the use of advanced technology. Pen and paper membership management techniques have become entirely too cumbersome and inefficient. On top of that, the possibility of security breaches has left membership-based organizations searching for a safe and effective method to handle the management of sensitive member information.

Biometric technology has recently proven to be the most effective and affordable solution for the safe and orderly management of member information. Membership-based organizations such as fitness clubs are quickly becoming aware of the value of fingerprint recognition. A fingerprint system such as M2SYS' Bio-Plugin solution can be easily integrated into fitness club management software. The Bio-Plugin solution allows fitness and leisure club management software providers to rapidly integrate a complete, end-to-end, turn-key fingerprint identification system.

Health club management software providers like ASF International use M2SYS fingerprint software to identify members at check-in, instantly retrieving their picture and information from the fitness club management software. Clubs can also use the system to ensure that individuals are not fraudulently accessing the facilities, which can directly affect the bottom line. Additionally, M2SYS' biometric technology can be used to completely replace ID cards, which eradicates costs incurred due to lost or stolen cards.

Biometric technology provides tremendous value to membership-based organizations and membership management software providers. To learn more about how you can add fingerprint technology to your membership management application, complete our sales form or call (770) 393-0986 to receive a custom price quote.

To view our customers in the membership management industry, please visit our integrators page.

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“M2SYS has enabled us to immediately meet this need with a powerful, accurate, and complete system, accelerating time to market by eliminating extensive internal development.”

Jonathan Ross, President

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