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Cloud Biometrics

Easily & economically build a comprehensive cloud identity solution

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Scalable, cloud-based automated biometric identification system delivered under a biometric-as-a-service (BaaS) model


Biometrics in Banking

From rural microcredit providers to multi-billion banks, many financial institutions are utilizing our technology to prevent fraud


Biometrics for Workforce Management

Eliminate time theft, reduce payroll expenses, and boost productivity with this versatile, affordable biometric time clock.


Biometrics for Patient Identification

Our RightPatient® solution saves patient lives and improves security by locking each medical record with a photo and biometric signature


Committed to Public Safety

Hundreds of detention centers across the U.S. rely on M2SYS biometric matching to identify millions of prisoners and visitors


Fingerprint Software & SDK

Award winning biometric fingerprint software & SDK for rapid integration of biometric authentication technology.

fingerprint device

Fingerprint Reader & Scanner Machines

Wide range of fingerprint reader & fingerprint scanner devices to choose from.

M2SYS M2SYS provides a suite of innovative cloud and mobile solutions

M2SYS Delivers Innovation, Experience, and Proven Results

With 17 years of experience in biometrics & identity management, our technology is deployed in over 100 countries

We simplify the development & deployment
of a biometric identity management solution

Biometric Technology Videos

Global Biometric Technology Leadership

Best Biometric Solutions

to invent a platform including several modes of biometric technology

Best Biometric Company

leader for cloud-based Biometrics-as-a-Service (BaaS)

Fingerprint Technology

enterprise software integrator partners around the world

Fingervein biometrics

governments worldwide rely on M2SYS biometric solutions

Biometric Technology Company

countries where M2SYS solutions are deployed

IRIS Recognition

service provided to customers across the globe

Our Featured Products

Cloud Biometric Solutions (BaaS)

Rapid Cloud Software Development Platform


Cloud-Based Biometric Software System


Application for Biometric Scanner Integration

Biometric Software & SDK

Biometric Software & SDK

Our award-winning biometric SDK alternative allows you to instantly add biometric functionality to any software – without the hassles of a standard SDK.

  • Hybrid Biometric Platform™ – A single biometric matching system supporting fingerprint, finger vein, iris & face.
  • Bio-SnapOn™ – Seamlessly integrate our biometric software with absolutely no development work.
  • Bio-Plugin™ – Our patent-pending biometric middleware for rapid integration.
  • Pre-Developed, Scalable Biometric System
  • Instantly Integrates Into Windows or Web Based Applications
  • Avoid the Hassles of low-level Biometric SDK – integrate in hours
  • Biometrics That Work 100% of the Time
  • Easily Leverage Advances in Biometric Technology Without Touching Your Source Code
  • Unique Biometric Architecture Eliminates Your Maintenance & Support Headache
Biometric Readers & Scanners

Biometric Readers & Scanners

Fingerprint Scanners

  • Highest quality fingerprint readers
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Durable/Mountable
  • USB-Based Fingerprint Scanners

Palm Vein Reader & Finger Vein Scanner

  • Reads unique vein patterns beneath skin
  • Near 100% enrollment and identification rates
  • Perfect for those with poor quality fingerprints

Iris Scanner

  • Advanced, Industry leading iris scanners
  • Quickly process single of dual iris scans
  • Near 100% read rates
Enterprise Biometric Solutions

M2SYS provides enterprise biometric solutions for areas such as workforce management, financial services, education/schools, healthcare, and more.

  • RightPunch™ – Save money and increase efficiency with this affordable pc-based biometric time clock.
  • RightPatient™ – Identify patients with 100% accuracy using secure biometric technology.
  • VisitorTrack™ – Increase security with this modern, affordable, cloud-based biometric visitor management system.
RightPunch™ Seamlessly Interfaces With:
Enterprise Solutions

Pay only for what you need

Our three cloud solutions work together in one place to simplify your development.

Biometric API

Use biometrics-as-a-service (BaaS) with our biometric API for fast & accurate biometric identification technology at an affordable cost.

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Biometric Capture Tool

Eliminates the headache associated with integrating biometric hardware into Windows applications and various Web browsers.

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Cloud Solutions

Who needs software development? Just drag and drop to create your own cloud application with this revolutionary rapid development platform.

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Contact us to get more information about our cloud solutions.

m2sys fingerprint software-face recognition software-iris biometrics and afis solutions

What People are Saying!

001 - Gabit Bazar President | Infinite Solutions, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


“Outstanding experience working with M2SYS to improve efficiency and to protect customers in several banks in Mongolia, including Arig Bank.”

Gabit Bazar
President | Infinite Solutions, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

002 - Won Lee CEO | SecuGen Corporation, Sillicon Valley, USA


“We are optimistic that this partnership to empower our customers with CloudABIS™ will increase the adoption of our fingerprint hardware around the world.”

Won Lee
CEO | SecuGen Corporation, Sillicon Valley, USA

003 - Philip Tusa COO | CMITech America, Inc., Sillicon Valley, USA

Philip Tusa

“M2SYS is a great innovator; they are always pushing the boundaries to make biometric technologies technically simple and economically affordable.”

Philip Tusa
COO | CMITech America, Inc., Sillicon Valley, USA

004 - Carmen Nepa CFO | US Vision - 800 locations in USA & Canada

Carmen Nepa

“RightPunch™ is a smart addition that will help to strengthen our labor tracking strategies.”

Carmen Nepa
CFO | US Vision – 800 locations in USA & Canada

005 - Ravi Ahluwalia, Deputy General Manager, ISG, Hitachi Europe

Ravi Ahluwalia

“We are very pleased to be partnered with a renowned company like M2SYS; we have seen nothing but disruptive innovations from this organization.”

Ravi Ahluwalia
Deputy General Manager, ISG, Hitachi Europe

006 - Robbie Payne Senior VP

Robbie Payne - Senior VP

“After evaluating several solutions on the market, we chose M2SYS because they allowed us to integrate a truly seamless, server-based solution with minimal development effort.”

Robbie Payne
Senior VP

Biometric matching as a service,
why waste time & money?

CloudABIS makes fast fingerprint identification and other forms of biometrics easily accessible and affordable to anyone. You will never need to work with different solution providers for fingerprint software, face recognition systems, iris biometric matching software, or vascular biometric systems. CloudABIS consolidates all biometric modalities under one biometric-as-a-service platform.

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