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Experienced Leadership; Proven Results
Experienced Leadership; Proven Results

Increase patient safety, lower liability and stop medical identity theft with RightPatient™ from M2SYS Technology

The industry’s first multi-biometric patient identification system to eliminate patient fraud and lower healthcare costs

Atlanta, GA – (March 23, 2011) – Patient fraud within healthcare environments has finally met its maker. Drawing upon its proven track record of developing reliable and versatile biometric identification solutions, M2SYS Technology today announced the release of RightPatient™, the healthcare industry’s first multi-biometric, instantly deployable patient identification system.

The World Health Organization recently recommended that healthcare facilities consider implementing biometric automated systems to decrease the potential for inaccurate patient identification. RightPatient™ fills that need by allowing facilities of any size to instantly add healthcare biometrics for patient identification to any EHR/EMR software. Designed to both safeguard patient health and eliminate patient fraud, RightPatient™ ensures 100% accurate patient identification and eases the financial burden precipitated by misidentification. Powered by the Hybrid Biometrics software engine, it is the only biometric patient identification solution that gives users the option to use four different forms of biometric technology – fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, and iris biometrics – ensuring that patient biometric templates can be reliably and consistently captured, all of the time.

In addition to providing accurate patient identification, the RightPatient™ healthcare biometrics solution helps facilities to eliminate duplicate records, administer accurate patient care and identify unconscious patients. Its seamless interface and rapid integration with any EHR/EMR or patient management software platforms allows healthcare providers to be up and running within 24 hours without any code-level development or database integration. This unparalleled adaptability eases the burden for hospitals and healthcare networks that want to quickly leverage the benefits of a healthcare biometrics system.

“Inaccurate patient identification is crippling the healthcare industry, jeopardizing quality patient care and costing providers millions of dollars per year,” said Mizan Rahman, CEO and CTO of M2SYS. “With RightPatient™, hospitals can immediately implement a scalable healthcare biometrics system that instantly and easily interfaces with any EHR/EMR software. Coupled with our Bio-Hyperserver™ high-performance one-to-many biometric matching server, the system can instantly scan a database containing millions of patients registered with Fujitsu PalmSecure, Hitachi Finger Vein Authentication Technology, iris, and fingerprint technology.”

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