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Experienced Leadership; Proven Results
Experienced Leadership; Proven Results

M2SYS and Biometria Aplicada partner to bring industrial-grade fingerprint hardware to Latin American businesses

Leading Latin American biometric solution provider expands offering to include M2SYS’ patent-pending fingerprint device for commercial use

Atlanta, July 06, 2005 – M2SYS Technology, a global leader in biometric technology research and development, announced it has finalized a long-term partnership agreement with Biometria Aplicada, SA de CV, the premiere biometric hardware and software solutions provider for Mexico and Latin America, to represent M2SYS biometric hardware solutions to the Latin American marketplace.

M2SYS Technology developed and manufactures an innovative, industrial-grade USB fingerprint reader designed for use in high throughput environments where reliability and ruggedness are critical success factors. M2SYS is partnered with leading software providers across a variety of markets such as public safety, banking, fitness, education, POS, and healthcare who have integrated M2SYS hardware and software as an essential system component for their customers.

“Our fingerprint scanner, called the M2-S Reader, has received excellent marks and positive reviews for performance, affordability and industrial design from every deployment,” commented Michael Trader, President of M2SYS Technology. “The M2-S reader has a patent-pending, ergonomically rugged design, durable frame, and high-performance sensor unmatched by other readers in the same price category. We look forward to introducing it to the Latin American marketplace through our newest business partner, Biometria Aplicada.”

The M2SYS patent-pending fingerprint scanning hardware is now available to Biometria Aplicada’s extensive customer base in a variety of industries including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and government sectors.

“Strategic alliances with biometric technology innovators like M2SYS who have established themselves as industry leaders compliments our biometric offering and secures our position as the premiere provider of biometric solutions for Latin America,” commented Josi Redin, CTO of Biometria Aplicada. “We are excited to offer M2SYS hardware to our distributors and clients who demand the best biometric products available.”

“With the increasing demand for industrial-grade, highly accurate identification systems in virtually every software vertical, the M2SYS fingerprint hardware component is a powerful addition to our portfolio,” noted Mr. Redin. “M2SYS delivers extremely versatile solutions which allow us to provide immediate value to our customers with the distribution of a proven biometric solution.”

“Through this partnership, M2SYS has further strengthened its foothold as a global biometric technology provider,” commented Mizan Rahman, CEO and Chief Software Architect of M2SYS. “Biometria Aplicada can rely on M2SYS as their trusted expert in the biometric field that will continue to provide them with the most cutting edge solutions.”

About M2SYS Technology

M2SYS Technology, is a proven innovator in the field of biometric software and hardware engineering, research and development. Its portfolio includes Bio-Plugin™, a patent-pending, biometrics solution that software providers can use to quickly adopt a seamless fingerprint recognition module with minimal development effort. Leveraging its core biometric processing server, the technology facilitates one-to-one verification and one-to-many identification, enabling fast, secure, and highly accurate human recognition processing.


M2SYS Technology
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About Biometria Aplicada

Biometria Aplicada is the leading biometric hardware and software solutions provider for Mexico and Latinl America. Biometria Aplicada was founded in 1999 with the objective to provide premiere biometric identification and authentication solutions to businesses in Mexico and Latin America. With more than 5 years in the biometric technology marketplace, Biometria Aplicada has broad experience as the leading supplier and integrator of installed biometric solutions in Mexico and Latin America.

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