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Experienced Leadership; Proven Results
Experienced Leadership; Proven Results

Frost & Sullivan presents M2SYS with prestigious 2007 North American biometrics technology innovation of the year award

M2SYS Bio-Plugin™ lauded for its contribution toward integrating fingerprint biometric technology into software

Atlanta, April 12, 2007 – Frost & Sullivan selected M2SYS Technology as the recipient of its 2007 North American Biometrics Technology Innovation of the Year Award for demonstrating technological superiority through its one-of-a-kind Bio-Plugin™ solution. This technology has altered the manner in which software developers previously integrated biometric fingerprint technology into their applications, subsequently accelerating its rate of adoption across all segments of the commercial marketplace.

“M2SYS Technology’s Bio-Plugin™ allows seamless integration of end-to-end server-based biometric fingerprint technology into application software by eliminating the development work and challenges that software engineers would otherwise face,” says Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst, Imran Khan.

The M2SYS Bio-Plugin™ solution can be incorporated into any Windows or Web-based software in less than 24 hours and supports any biometric technology software developer’s kit (SDK). It also operates with complete run-time independency from the host software.

This completely developed, turnkey solution reduces the time and resources required to develop a robust and scalable biometric fingerprint recognition system allowing application developers to focus on their core competency. This has enabled M2SYS to penetrate a wide range of vertical markets.

“We are honored to receive this prestigious award in recognition of our continual efforts to provide unparalleled technology, service, and value to our customers”, commented Mizan Rahman, CEO and Founder of M2SYS. “We are proud of the dedication and creative talents of our development, marketing, and support teams. This award is a testament to the fundamental impact that Bio-Plugin™ is having on the growth of biometrics in our global marketplace, and we will continue to honor it by providing the most effective solutions and unmatched innovation to our customers.”

M2SYS had initially found its niche in the law enforcement and detention facility sector, but due to the increase in the commercial sector’s demand for biometric solutions, M2SYS’s technology is now being utilized in educational institutions, childcare centers, fitness and leisure centers, and points of sale. M2SYS expects the greatest growth to occur in the banking and healthcare markets.

Delivering more than just technology, M2SYS is renowned for its outstanding customer support. Each client receives the services of a dedicated M2SYS engineer throughout the entire integration process, providing support as required. The company utilizes a preemptive approach toward technical support by periodically contacting the integrators to obtain feedback, ideas, and suggestions on the system, and to address issues before they become escalated.

M2SYS also works with its customers’ marketing department to assist with various sales initiatives. It shares ideas on how to address typical end-user concerns and maintains a close partnership to ensure a fast ROI for its customers.

“The combination of M2SYS’s Bio-Plugin™ technology and customer service practices has earned it an outstanding reputation in the biometrics industry,” notes Khan. “The company’s innovative and unique technology has had a discernable effect on the growth of biometric technology adoption in the global marketplace and certainly deserves the 2007 Frost & Sullivan North American Biometrics Technology Innovation of the Year Award.”

Each year, the Frost & Sullivan Award for Technology Innovation is presented to the company that has demonstrated technological superiority within its industry. This Award recognizes the ability of the company to successfully develop and introduce new technology, formulate a well-designed product family, and make significant product performance contributions to the industry.

Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards recognize companies in a variety of regional and global markets for demonstrating outstanding achievement and superior performance in areas such as leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. Industry analysts compare market participants and measure performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research in order to identify best practices in the industry.

About M2SYS Technology

M2SYS Technology, www.m2sys.com, is an industry leader in fingerprint identity management technology. Bio-Plugin™ is a flagship, patent-pending solution. It is fully functional, turnkey fingerprint recognition software that instantly integrates into third-party programs, in many cases with no additional development required. M2SYS also offers several stand-alone applications and desktop security products that leverage its biometrics engine to help protect assets, lower costs, and reduce risk.


M2SYS Technology
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