Experienced leadership; proven results

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Experienced Leadership; Proven Results
Experienced Leadership; Proven Results

The active network selects patent-pending M2SYS fingerprint software for rapid integration into application solutions portfolio

Leading provider of application services technology and marketing access for community services organizations to provide global customers with powerful biometrics system for enhanced security, ease-of-use, and cost savings

Atlanta, February 28, 2006 – M2SYS Technology, an innovator in biometric technology research and development, announced today it has finalized a long-term agreement with The Active Network, Inc., the leading provider of application services technology and marketing access to community services organizations. This agreement will benefit university campus recreation programs, school districts, the higher education market, and parks and recreation organizations by enabling The Active Network to integrate and distribute M2SYS’ leading edge fingerprint technology within many of its software applications to tighten security, reduce costs, create operational efficiencies, and improve reporting accuracy. The Active Network will also be distributing M2SYS’ Bio-TimeClock™ software, a PC-based time data collection utility. Both solutions are now available to The Active Network’s customers worldwide.

“We needed a robust biometric solution capable of meeting the unique demands of our various market segments,” commented Alex Barnetson , Senior Vice President of The Active Network, Inc. “For example, our university customers need to quickly identify tens of thousands of members for access to campus recreation facilities. Facilities are looking for a system that can quickly verify any scan against a database of member scans, without the need to enter in additional PINs. The M2SYS Bio-Plugin™ solution was not only extremely easy to integrate, but also differentiates itself by being able to process these high number of prints in a one-to-many capacity with exceptional speed and accuracy.”

The Active Network’s technology enables community service organizations to operate more efficiently. Community organizations using technology from The Active Network provide more transparent insights into their operations and therefore proof accountability to their community, their employees and their board or council. They experience efficiency savings in the areas of service delivery, operations and business planning. These savings enable them to run lean with fewer resources and still improve the service they offer to the members of their community. Customers can choose from a range of deployment options, from hosted, to desktop to a hybrid of hosted/desktop solution, depending on their organization’s specific needs.

“We found there to be certain cost and efficiency limitations with some 1:1 only verification systems, which would still require a user to enter a PIN or carry a keycard to be authenticated,” added Barnetson. “In addition, the option of working with a fingerprint SDK would have required a significant investment in development and ongoing support. The M2SYS approach allowed us to rapidly adopt a proven fingerprint system that can be the biometric module of our software application solution. M2SYS will also provide employee and customer education that will help our sales and marketing initiatives launch quicker then with other vendors. The level of commitment, service, and support provided by M2SYS has just been exceptional.”

Bio-Plugin™ enables software companies to quickly integrate a complete, seamless fingerprint recognition system, including a high-performance 1:N identification engine. Bio-Plugin™ eliminates the system dependencies, extensive development, and specialized knowledge of biometric complexities inherent to fingerprint technology SDKs. This enables software companies to remain focused on their core products, while establishing a new revenue channel with the addition of an integrated biometric component. Bio-TimeClock™ is a PC-based biometric time and attendance data collection utility that provides businesses a much more affordable alternative to capturing data through a wall mounted time clock and improved security over card scanning systems.

“The agreement between The Active Network and M2SYS continues to demonstrate the effectiveness of our patented integration technology, and once again confirms the M2SYS fingerprint recognition system is the solution of choice for industry leading software providers,” commented Mizan Rahman, CEO and Chief Scientist/Engineer of M2SYS. “By using Bio-Plugin™, Active saved considerable development time, enabling them to rapidly deploy a first-class biometric system, while remaining focused on their core applications. Additionally, Active is gaining a long-term technology partner in M2SYS that is focused on continually providing unparalleled, cutting-edge biometric solutions.”

About M2SYS Technology

M2SYS Technology is a proven innovator in the field of biometric software and hardware engineering, research and development. Its portfolio includes Bio-Plugin™, a patent-pending, biometrics solution that software providers can use to quickly adopt a seamless fingerprint recognition module with minimal development effort. Leveraging its core biometric processing server, the technology facilitates one-to-one verification and one-to-many identification, enabling fast, secure, and highly accurate human recognition processing. M2SYS also manufactures its own industrial fingerprint scanner called the M2-S™ Fingerprint Reader for use in commercial environments.

M2SYS has integrated its fingerprint technology into hundreds of leading enterprise software solutions across various market segments, including: patient identification, time and attendance, jail management, school management, banking, HIPPA compliance, fitness club membership management, child care, child ID, point of sale, and terminal automation.


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About The Active Network, Inc.

The Active Network, Inc., based in San Diego, Calif., provides application services technology and marketing access to community service organizations and is a leading online community for active lifestyles. The company’s application services help organizations increase efficiency and reduce the cost and complexity of managing community activities and fundraising events, providing technology that automates information collection, activity registration, facility reservation, membership and fundraising management. The company offers marketing access through integrated marketing and consumer promotions that develop authentic relationships between brands and active consumers. Organizations can also access marketing services that promote community use of online services and municipal marketing partnerships that create new revenues and services for the public sector and build brand loyalty for marketers. Through its Web properties, www.Active.com, www.eteamz.com, and www.ActiveGolf.com, The Active Network provides consumer services and resources that support participation in healthy lifestyles. The Active Network serves organizations and participants in multiple markets throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. For more information, please visit www.theactivenetwork.com or call 1-888-543-7223.

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