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Experienced Leadership; Proven Results
Experienced Leadership; Proven Results

M2SYS partners with Cottrell consulting, sign first client in Lexington-Fayette urban county government

Jail management software provider selects M2SYS Bio-Pluginä fingerprint technology for integration and distribution to public safety customers

Atlanta, January 05, 2005 – M2SYS Technology, a global leader in offering cost-effective, innovative biometric technology solutions for the private and public sectors, today announced that it has executed a long-term partnership agreement with Cottrell Consulting to integrate and distribute its Bio-Pluginä technology. The technology will be added to Cottrell’s jail management software platform and made available to its growing customer base of detention centers throughout the U.S.

Bio-Pluginä enables software companies to adopt a seamless fingerprint recognition module within hours, and, as opposed to a traditional SDK, without the headache of system dependencies and having to understand the complexities of fingerprint technology. The solution also comes complete with a robust, scalable identification server capable of processing tens of thousands of records within seconds. Using a typical SDK to develop this same level of technology would take months, and would result in a host application that is always dependent on SDK code libraries.

Cottrell Consulting provides a PC based jail management system (JMS) to manage all aspects of facility operations. With the assistance of a dedicated M2SYS engineer, the partner integrated Bio-Pluginä into its platform after only a day of development effort. The fingerprint module allows jail officers to identify unknown inmates during intake, track inmate movements throughout the facility, and verify identities prior to release. With a powerful, back-end, one-to-many identification server, even larger jails that process tens of thousands of inmates annually can quickly and accurately retrieve inmate profiles within the Cottrell application from a single fingerprint scan.

In a deal that demonstrates the partnership’s immediate impact, value, and viability, the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government Division of Community Corrections has selected the Cottrell/M2SYS fingerprint recognition solution for use within its 1,135 bed facility. The solution will replace the agency’s cumbersome iris scan system.

“The ease with which we were able to integrate the M2SYS Bio-Pluginä solution is truly remarkable,” noted Harold Cottrell, founder and CEO of Cottrell Consulting. “With only a day of development, we were able to adopt a highly sophisticated fingerprint recognition module capable of meeting the high volume identification needs of our JMS customers. M2SYS has created a truly unique solution that appears as a fully integrated component to our software, but relieves any burden of learning fingerprint technology or investing in ongoing development.”

“This partnership exemplifies the significance of our Bio-Pluginä solution in the marketplace,” commented Mizan Rahman, CEO and Chief Software Architect of M2SYS. “Cottrell was able to greatly accelerate their addition of a leading fingerprint recognition system that would have otherwise been a long-term development commitment. By selecting our Bio-Pluginä solution, Cottrell is now able to immediately offer this valuable system component to its customers.”

“We are extremely pleased with the seamless fingerprint solution delivered by M2SYS and Cottrell,” mentioned Randy Pridemore, Assistant Director of the Lexington-Fayette County Division of Community Corrections. “Inmates can be enrolled and identified quickly, accurately, and without hassle, creating operational efficiencies and strengthening the reliability of our identification procedures.”

About M2SYS Technology

M2SYS Technology is a proven innovator in the field of biometric software engineering, research and development. Its portfolio includes a patent-pending, biometrics “plug-in” solution that software providers can use to quickly adopt a seamless fingerprint recognition module with minimal development effort. Leveraging its core biometric processing server, the technology facilitates one-to-one verification and one-to-many identification, enabling fast, secure, and highly accurate human recognition processing.


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