Biometric technology for point of sale

Using fingerprint software in school lunch lines, restaurants, and retail businesses.

Biometric Technology for Point of Sale
Biometric Technology for Point of Sale

Point of sale

M2SYS dominates the POS industry, with nearly every lunch line point of sale software provider having selected Bio-Plugin or Bio-SnapON as their integrated fingerprint software.

The use of fingerprint technology in the Point of Sale industry has become increasingly widespread-and the M2SYS Bio-Plugin product allows for the rapid adoption of fingerprint recognition by POS software integrators.

The use of biometric fingerprint recognition within a POS system adds value to the customer by eliminating the use of barcodes and/or pin numbers, increasing payroll efficiency by eliminating buddy-punching, allowing for more secure manager approvals and transaction overrides, and increasing the overall operational efficiency of the business using the POS software system.

The unique nature of the M2SYS Bio-Plugin integration methodology allows for a POS software provider to very quickly integrate fingerprint technology into their POS application; in fact, we guarantee that the integration can be completed in less than 24 hours. The advantage to using this form of fingerprint adoption in the Point of Sale industry, as opposed to a traditional SDK, is that it affords the POS software provider to stay focused on their core competencies.

With a fingerprint SDK, a POS software integrator would have to learn the ins and outs of fingerprint technology-whereas the M2SYS Bio-Plugin system is already completely pre-developed, and therefore enables the POS provider to add a fingerprint recognition component to their POS application without the headache of learning an additional competency.

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Customer success

“Not only does M2SYS bring an innovative approach to integrating fingerprint software, they have also provided exceptional employee and customer education that have helped our sales and marketing initiatives launch as quickly as possible.”

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M2SYS software is used by tens of thousands of end users worldwide across a variety of industries. Find out how our technology can empower your market.


Designed as a biometric point of sale (POS) solution for PCI compliance that instantly interfaces with any third-party software to replace sophisticated passwords, PINs, or ID cards.

fingerprint software development kit sdk
Fingerprint SDK

Need to integrate fingerprint biometrics into your application?  Our core technology solutions enable you to integrate a complete system without the burden of a low level fingerprint SDK.

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