Press Releases

Press releases

07/06/17: M2SYS is named as one of the best providers in global fingerprint biometrics market
02/06/17: Australia wants to streamline its border control using biometrics
1/20/2017: BankDirector chooses M2SYS as a leading biometric company for combating identify fraud
12/14/2016: M2SYS Technology is named as a key player in global military biometrics market
05/23/2016: M2SYS is featured as a key vendors of global biometrics market in the government sector
01/04/2016: Research and markets chooses M2SYS technology as a key biometric provider in middle east
11/25/2015: Security World Market selects M2SYS Technology as a leading player in biometric access control systems
11/09/2015: M2SYS Technology is featured on Wichita State University
10/01/2014: M2SYS is featured on asmag as a government biometric solution provider
06/07/17: SecuGen and M2SYS Technology partner to advance adoption of biometric solutions with CloudABIS™ suite
07/21/15: Forever 21 implements RightPunch™ biometric time clock
08/19/14: M2SYS Technology deploys TrueVoter™ biometric voter registration software solution in Yemen
07/15/14: M2SYS Technology announces FBI personal identity verification (PIV) certification for their M2-FuseID™ “Smart” finger reader
07/01/14: Archbold Memorial Hospital implements RightPatient® patient safety and data integrity system
04/29/14: M2SYS Technology a 2014 global impact award winner
03/20/14: M2SYS Technology named a technology association of georgia (TAG) top 10 innovative technology company
02/18/14: M2SYS Technology announces support for integrated biometrics’ “Sherlock” innovative light emitting sensor (LES) fingerprint sensor
02/04/14: M2SYS healthcare solutions announces KinderGuardian™ child safety initiative to help fight child abduction
12/10/13: M2SYS healthcare solutions recognized as finalist for fierce health innovation awards
12/03/13: Martin health system adopts RightPatient™ iris biometrics for patient identification
10/16/13: M2SYS Technology announces the release of M2-FuseID™ – a hybrid biometric identification device powered by Finger Vein Technology from Hitachi
10/14/13: M2SYS Technology CEO Mizan Rahman to speak about mobile biometrics during 2013 biometrics exhibition and conference in london
08/13/13: M2SYS Technology releases infographic on the cost of duplicate medical records
and overlays to healthcare
04/23/13: RadioShack® Deploys M2SYS Technology’s biometric identification software for Second Hand Merchandise Buy-Back Program
04/02/13: M2SYS Technology hires bill dumont as executive vice president of global sales
03/19/13: M2SYS Technology named a technology association of georgia (TAG) top 40 innovative technology company
02/26/13: U.S. Vision Deploys M2SYS Technology’s RightPunch™ biometric time clock to help increase workforce optimization
11/06/12: Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital adopts RightPatient™ biometric patient identification system from M2SYS to raise patient safety standard levels
08/14/12: M2SYS Technology partners with ABT security systems to deliver biometric time and attendance systems and identity management solutions
06/26/12: M2SYS partners with the integrated systems to meet growing middle east demand for biometric technology
05/22/12: West African Micro-Credit Bank chooses M2SYS Fingerprint Biometrics Banking Technology to increase security, build customer trust
04/12/12: M2SYS Technology partners with Hitachi to offer innovative biometric finger Vein Scanner to US market
04/10/12: M2SYS releases new automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS)
01/10/12: University of Maine deploys @M2SYS Palm Vein Scanners for student check-in at dining halls
12/13/11: California State University, Fresno Association, Inc. Using M2SYS RightPunch Palm Vein biometrics to track employee time and attendance
11/29/11: @M2SYS partners with RedPrairie to offer PC-based biometric time clocks for employee time and attendance
10/04/11: @M2SYS launches first tweet chat on biometric technology #biometricchat
08/02/11: @M2SYS receives Frost & Sullivan 2011 North American new product innovation award for Hybrid Biometric Platform™
07/12/11: M2SYS CEO/CTO Mizan Rahman named one of 2011’s “Technology Innovators of the Year” by InfoWorld
03/30/11: M2SYS expands reach of PC-based biometric time clock interface for leading workforce management platforms
03/23/11: Increase patient safety, Lower liability and Stop medical identity theft with RightPatient™ from M2SYS Technology
02/15/11: Public safety software provider VisionAIR, Inc. partners with M2SYS Technology for an integrated biometric technology solution
02/09/11: Qqest Teams Up with M2SYS to add biometric technology at the desktop to timeforce time and attendance system
01/07/11: M2SYS announces participation in 2011 National Retail Federation “Retail’s Big Show”
11/08/10: California University Campus reports 300% return on investment after first year of using biometric technology
10/26/10: M2SYS Technology strikes biometric partnership with H.P.C. informatique in Benin
08/24/10: M2SYS Technology forges biometric partnership with Boriana Ltd.
07/20/10: M2SYS releases multi-modal hybrid biometric platform
04/27/10: M2SYS and Fujitsu Partner to accelerate worldwide adoption of Palm Vein biometric authentication technology
01/25/10: International health professionals to implement M2SYS biometric fingerprint systems across the nation of angola
01/04/10: Church management software provider shelby systems selects M2SYS for biometric fingerprint recognition solution
09/25/09: M2SYS donates revolutionary fingerprint system to Bwindi Community Hospital to identify patients
08/25/09: Leading fingerprint software chosen to enroll and verify pilgrims at Hajj by the Kaduna State Muslims Pilgrims Board in Nigeria
08/04/09: M2SYS biometric software solution selected by GHG Corporation
07/07/09: ACS Technologies(TM) selects M2SYS for innovative biometric software
06/23/09: M2SYS Technology to offer desktop biometric technology to Kronos customers
04/16/09: M2SYS fingerprint biometrics system selected by VinDec Enterprise Solutions to verify blood donors
02/27/09: M2SYS selected by BSSL Technologies Limited for innovative biometric fingerprint software solution
01/13/09: RPGSi selects M2SYS fingerprint biometrics software for revolutionary patient identification system
11/24/08: InvoTech selects M2SYS Technology for leading-edge fingerprint software solution
08/12/08: M2SYS Technology innovative fingerprint biometrics solution chosen by Harms Software
07/29/08: M2SYS Technology selected by TimeForge to integrate fingerprint software
07/10/08: M2SYS Technology selected by ZOLL Data Systems to integrate fingerprint software
06/03/08: Business solutions magazine interviews M2SYS President Michael Trader
05/21/08: M2SYS fingerprint software integrated with Medical Marijuana Dispensary Management Solution
03/25/08: DAXKO partners with M2SYS to offer fingerprint software solution to YMCAs
02/27/08: M2SYS introduces revolutionary biometric artificial intelligence technology to significantly reduce fingerprint software false reject rates
01/22/08: LOGICARE selects M2SYS biometric fingerprint software to ensure patient privacy and protect confidential information
11/27/07: Software Techniques Inc. selects M2SYS fingerprint software to meet continuous growth and demand for desktop biometric time & attendance solutions
09/27/07: M2SYS Technology partners with TeraCorp Enterprises to provide added security within check cashing solution
08/28/07: M2SYS partners with Gnosis LLC to provide accurate patient identification in developing countries through innovative biometrics solution
08/14/07: M2SYS Partners with SecuGen Corporation to support market leading hamster plus fingerprint reader with auto-on technology
07/31/07: Stromberg selects M2SYS for seamless biometric technology interface to enterprise time and attendance solution
07/02/07: NUTRIKIDS selects M2SYS fingerprint software to instantly meet accumulating demand for fingerprint software in school lunch lines
05/01/07: M2SYS accepts Frost and Sullivan’s Prestigious 2007 North American biometrics technology innovation of the year award
04/12/07: Frost & Sullivan Presents M2SYS with Prestigious 2007 North American biometrics technology innovation of the year award
03/21/07: M2SYS fingerprint software eliminates privacy concerns and establishes success in UK school system through powerful biometric identification technology
02/19/07: M2SYS delivers rapid fingerprint integration technology to support successful deployment of biometrically controlled Nigerian voting project
12/04/06: M2SYS fingerprint technology to be integrated into Kodak Global Practice Management Software
10/31/06: VIDA brings biometrics to health club experience
10/30/06: PCS Revenue Control Systems selects M2SYS fingerprint software to provide powerful biometric identification technology for school cafeterias
09/12/06: Partnership Delivers Rapid Fingerprint Software integration solution to global marketplace-silex technology America forms strategic alliance with M2SYS Technology
08/17/06: M2SYS next generation plug-and-play fingerprint identification software supports any matching algorithm and hardware device
06/29/06: Horizon Software selects M2SYS enterprise fingerprint software to help meet burgeoning demand for fingerprint technology in the school lunch line
05/31/06: M2SYS releases Bio-Plugin(TM) parallel server for accelerated processing of large scale biometric databases
03/16/06: Dearman Systems, Inc. integrates M2SYS fingerprint software to safeguard movement of hazardous materials in petroleum and chemical distribution industry
02/28/06: The Active Network selects patent-pending M2SYS fingerprint software for rapid integration into application solutions portfolio
12/08/05: Discus Dental selects M2SYS Enterprise fingerprint system
10/26/05: Linus Inc. selects M2SYS fingerprint system for rapid integration into mission critical point of sale software solutions
10/05/05: CTS America completes integration of M2SYS Enterprise fingerprint software in less than 24 hours
08/23/05: iEmployee Rapidly integrates M2SYS biometric fingerprint system into workforce management software; deploys to first customers in less than one week
07/26/05: Leon County, FL selects M2SYS fingerprint recognition system as alternative to SDK; completes integration in under one week
07/06/05: M2SYS and Biometria Aplicada Partner to bring industrial-grade fingerprint hardware to Latin American businesses
06/22/05: M2SYS delivers integrated biometric technology to largest detention center in Southeast for process improvements and tightened security
06/15/05: Digital Solutions Inc. partners with M2SYS to address demand for robust biometrics system from law enforcement customers
06/09/05: M2SYS and Medibase Healthcare Solutions lead joint session about emerging trend of fingerprint recognition technology in healthcare industry
04/19/05: M2SYS forms strategic partnership with CSI Software to fulfill surging biometrics demand in fitness industry
01/05/05: M2SYS partners with Cottrell Consulting, sign first client in Lexington-Fayette urban county government
12/04/04: M2SYS partners with leading fitness club software provider
10/17/04: M2SYS releases Bio-Plugin™ for CITRIX environment
10/14/04: Mike Trader named president of M2SYS
06/23/04: M2SYS unveils patent-pending biometrics technology
06/01/04: Wake county of raleigh, NC selects M2SYS’e-Vigilance™ biometrics system
04/27/04: M2SYS forms strategic alliance with Munero Inc.

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