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Experienced Leadership; Proven Results
Experienced Leadership; Proven Results

@M2SYS receives Frost & Sullivan 2011 North American new product innovation award for hybrid biometric Platform™

Prestigious award honors innovation, technological expertise, value added features and potential to boost customer return on investment (ROI)

Atlanta, GA – August 2, 2011 – Frost & Sullivan today announced that M2SYS Technology has received Frost & Sullivan’s 2011 North American New Product Innovation Award for Hybrid Biometric Platform™ – the first scalable, multi-modal biometrics system that supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, and iris recognition from a single server. Software developers can integrate into Hybrid Biometric Platform™ once and immediately utilize any of these biometric modalities to prevent customers from being locked into a single biometric technology or device that may not work reliably for their end users.

Frost & Sullivan recognized M2SYS and their Hybrid Biometric Platform™ multi-modal biometrics system for the award through careful evaluation against the following key benchmarks:

  • Product Innovation
  • Leverage of Leading Edge Technologies
  • Value Added Features and Benefits
  • Ability to Increase Customer ROI
  • Potential for Customer Acquisition and Market Penetration Potential

M2SYS developed Hybrid Biometric Platform™ to ensure near 100% read rates under any condition, neutralizing the limitations of biometric systems that only support a single modality, such as fingerprint recognition. Having a single, multi-modal biometric system ensures that customers can easily utilize the form of biometric technology that best meets their needs, without having to undergo extensive development or support.

Since new biometric modalities and biometric devices are continually being released, Hybrid Biometric Platform™ provides a foundation that allows end users to deploy these technologies without any additional integration or development effort. “M2SYS has provided the market with the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to add multiple forms of biometric technology to any software application,” said Neelima Sagar, Senior Research Analyst, Frost & Sullivan.

“This award is a crowning achievement for M2SYS and a true testament to the ingenuity and practicality of Hybrid Biometric Platform™,” noted Mizan Rahman, Founder and CEO of M2SYS and recently named as one of InfoWorld’s “Technology Innovators of the Year.” “Not long ago, one of our end users was experiencing difficulty using fingerprint recognition for labor tracking, due to environmental conditions along with employee skin integrity problems. This customer was able to switch to a vascular biometric modality without having to spend additional capital on upgrading their software. This is a perfect example of how we envisioned that Hybrid Biometric Platform™ would lower the total cost of ownership and minimize risk for customers.”

About M2SYS Technology

M2SYS Technology, www.m2sys.com, provides technology that makes biometric software affordable, simple to integrate, and inexpensive to support, while enabling customers to easily utilize the right form of biometric technology for their needs. The M2SYS Corporate Blog can be found at blog.m2sys.com.


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