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Experienced Leadership; Proven Results
Experienced Leadership; Proven Results

@M2SYS partners with RedPrairie to offer PC-based biometric time clocks for employee time and attendance

Partnership designed to broaden RightPunch™ PC-based biometric time clock deployments for RedPrairie time and attendance software customers

Atlanta, GA – M2SYS Technology today announced a new partnershipwith RedPrairie Corporation structured to help companies optimize workforce performance by using RightPunch™, a PC-based biometric time clock.  Designed as an affordable alternative to a wall mounted time clock or a way to augment existing time clocks, RightPunch™ offers the following benefits to companies:

  • Increased employee productivity by eliminating time theft and speeding up punch times.
  • Strengthened security and efficiency over ID cards or personal identification numbers (PINs).
  • Reduction of payroll inflation and payroll error rates.
  • Ensuring compliance with labor tracking laws by establishing a concrete audit trail of punch activity.
  • Offline punch capture and schedule enforcement to ensure accurate data and compliance in cases of network loss.
  • Hybrid Biometric Platform™ supports fingerprint, finger vein and palm vein biometrics.

Many companies currently using RightPunch™ have switched to the biometric time clock from paper timesheets, non-biometric time clocks or archaic time and attendance systems, all of which are prone to fraud and abuse.  Some customers have also found that utilizing RightPunch™ in addition to traditional time clocks allows the enterprise to affordably increase the number of data collection points and subsequently gain more information to reduce labor costs.  For example, a retail store or call center might use wall mounted time clocks at certain entry points and RightPunch™ on point-of-sale terminals or PCs to accurately track productive versus non-productive time.

M2SYS has developed a customized version of RightPunch™ that interfaces with RedPrairie’s workforce management platform.  RightPunch™ communicates with the RedPrairie time and attendance software to seamlessly submit stored punches, enforce schedule restrictions and provide access to employee self-service features.  RightPunch™ also has an optional touch screen interface allowing it to run on kiosks or terminals that can be mounted to the wall just like a traditional time clock.

Under the terms of the partnership, Red Prairie will market and resell the RightPunch™ biometric time clock to its customers and prospects.  Already a major force in providing enterprise workforce management software and labor tracking solutions that improve employee performance, the team at RedPrairie welcomed the opportunity to join forces with M2SYS and offer the RightPunch™ biometric time clock as a complement to their existing workforce optimization tools.

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