Long-term biometric technology partners

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Long-Term Biometric Technology Partners
Long-Term Biometric Technology Partners

Software integrators

ASF international’s membership management software, ClubPRO 3000®

Effectively organizing membership information is the key to a successful membership oriented operation. Membership management software can improve the efficiencies of day-to-day operations while successfully managing membership details.

The fitness industry is a continually evolving market, and with the right management technology in place, health club owners can see great success. ASF International has offered advanced business support programs and service to their clients for over 30 years. Their health club management software, ClubPRO 3000®, allows health club owners to track attendance, prospects, dues payments and point of sale with a user friendly interface and online accessibility, 24/7.

ASF is managed and operated by industry veterans and former health club owners. By constantly keeping their finger on the pulse of health club industry, they have answered the industry’s growing demand for fingerprint recognition capabilities by integrating their ClubPRO 3000® software with M2SYS’ innovative Bio-Plugin™ fingerprint recognition technology.

Bio-Plugin™ enables software companies to adopt a seamless fingerprint recognition module within hours without the headache of system dependencies and extensive development inherent to fingerprint SDKs. This enables software companies to remain focused on their core product, while establishing a new revenue channel and providing increased customer value with the addition of an integrated biometric component.

With the integration of biometric technology, ASF has created a product that provides ease-of-use to members and maximum results to club owners. Members can be enrolled in the system by simply having their fingerprint scanned through the use of a fingerprint reader. Once the member has been enrolled, they can enter the club each visit by quickly scanning their fingerprint. Biometric recognition eliminates the need for cumbersome ID cards that must be carried throughout the workout or locked in a locker.

Members can also enjoy the complete security provided by a biometric system. When using an ID card, there is a constant fear that the card may be lost and inappropriately used. Because account deposits can only be accessed by a member’s unique fingerprint, members feel more comfortable depositing additional funds into their account. Health club owners benefit from these increased revenues received from the sale of food, drink and retail products.

Scheduling class rosters and training sessions becomes an easy process with the management software. Members can sign up for classes or schedule a training time by scanning their fingerprint. The system keeps a record of these individuals and print-outs are available.

The software can also be used to reliably manage health club employee’s time and attendance information. Employees can clock in and out through the use of the fingerprint reader. The fingerprint technology eradicates the act of “buddy punching”, or employees inappropriately clocking in or out for each other. This can save a club up to 4% of its annual payroll expenses.

While achieving maximum fitness results in the gym may be a difficult process, achieving a profitable and successful health club is effortless with membership management software integrated with M2SYS’ biometric software technology.

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Customer success

“Delivering more than just technology, M2SYS is renowned for its outstanding customer support. Each client receives the services of a dedicated M2SYS engineer throughout the entire integration process, providing support as required. The company utilizes a preemptive approach toward technical support by periodically contacting the integrators to obtain feedback, ideas, and suggestions on the system, and to address issues before they become escalated.”

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