Compact, ergonomic single fingerprint recognition technology

Precise scanning, sleek design, and scratch free sensor surface biometric fingerprint reader

Compact, Ergonomic Single Fingerprint Recognition Technology
Compact, Ergonomic Single Fingerprint Recognition Technology

The M2-B™ USB fingerprint reader

Specifically designed for high throughput deployments requiring a compact, versatile hardware device, the M2-B™ USB fingerprint reader is a powerful, ergonomic, plug and play fingerprint reader built to last and flexible enough to use in any environment. The M2-B™ USB fingerprint reader is a compact, powerful device ergonomically designed to provide high security for PC’s and complex network environments. Powered by our award winning Hybrid Biometric Platform™ fingerprint software and our Bio-Plugin™ biometric integration middleware, this device captures clear prints for quality enrollment templates and provides accurate identification on each scan. Characterized by its durability and 500 DPI scratch free optical scanning surface, this affordable USB fingerprint reader is specifically built for high throughput environments that demand high performance. Versatile and compact, this fingerprint reader is a perfect fingerprint reader solution for your next biometric identification project.

Certifications: CE, FCC, KCC, WHQL, RoHS and WEEE

Standards: ISO19794-2, ISO 19794-4, ANSI-378, WSQ


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Features of M2-B™ USB fingerprint reader, benefits of M2-B™ USB fingerprint reader


  • High quality, rugged, scratch-free 500 DPI optical fingerprint sensor
  • Compact and ergonomically designed to work with any finger or thumb
  • Plug and play USB 2.0 high speed interface
  • Versatile for use in any scanning environment


  • Resistant to scratches, impact, corrosion, and electrostatic discharge
  • Allows for integration into all M2SYS fingerprint software applications
  • Ultra-precise, FBI compliant 500 DPI resolution
  • Designed and built to last, eliminating costly replacements

Technical specifications

Item Specifications
Fingerprint sensor Optical (scratch free sensor surface)
Dimension (WxLxH) 66 X 90 X 58mm
Sensing area 16 X 18mm
Image size 288 X 320 pixels
Interface USB 2.0 High speed/Full speed, Plug & Play
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Linux
Operation temperature -10° ~ 50°C
Certification CE, FCC, KCC, WHQL, RoHS and WEEE
Standards ISO19794-2, ISO 19794-4, ANSI-378, WSQ
Download M2-B™ fingerprint reader Brochure
M2-B™ fingerprint reader Brochure in English
M2-B™ fingerprint reader brochure in English
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