Hassle-free biometric software integration

Scalable biometric software solutions for integration into core or third party applications


Core biometric technology

Are you a developer looking to add biometric recognition to your software? An end user wanting biometrics for your third party application(s)? Our Core Technology solutions can help.

The M2SYS Core Technology Solutions leverage our proven, patent-pending, Bio-Plugin™ fingerprint SDK replacement software to enable businesses of all sizes, across all industries, to rapidly integrate a seamless, enterprise-ready biometric software system to Windows and web based applications.

With its pioneering Bio-Plugin™ technology, M2SYS is revolutionizing the biometrics industry and greatly accelerating the rate of global biometrics technology adoption in the commercial marketplace.

Core technology solution overview

CloudABIS Cloud API for biometric matching system

CloudABIS™ – Cloud API for biometric matching system

Scalable, Cloud-Based Biometric Matching System. Superscalar, biometrics-as-a-service (BaaS) matching system for fast deployment and lower costs. CloudABIS™ is our highly scalable, cloud-based biometric matching system. Built with over 15 years of experience in large-scale biometric technology projects, CloudABIS™ removes the burden and cost associated with building and maintaining a reliable biometric identification system.
  • Affordable SaaS pricing model for risk free and quick biometric deployment
  • Supports fingerprint, finger vein, face and iris recognition.
  • Uses ISO template to perform fast, large-scale 1:N matching in our cloud

CloudScanr Application for Biometric Device Integration

CloudScanr™ – Application for biometric device integration

Application for Biometric Device Integration. Eliminates the headache associated with integrating biometric hardware into Windows applications and various Web browsers.
  • No need to worry about ActiveX, native code integration and browser plug-ins
  • CloudScanr™ allows you to deploy any biometric device
  • Integrate biometric hardware into Windows applications and various Web browsers

HyperDeduplicator for High-Speed Multi Biometric Deduplication

HyperDeduplicator™ for high-speed multi biometric deduplication

Superscalar, One-To- Many Biometric Deduplication Server for Large-Scale biometric Deduplication of fingerprint, finger vein, facial and iris biometric data.
  • Suitable for Large-Scale biometric data De-Duplication
  • De-duplicate 15 million fingerprints in less than 48 hours
  • Fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris and facial recognition

Bio-Plugin Biometric SDK

Bio-Plugin™ – biometric SDK

Bio-Plugin™ Appserver and Webserver enable software developers to rapidly integrate and deploy a scalable, server-based biometric software system, eliminating the development headache associated with a biometric SDK.
  • Supports any SQL compliant database
  • Compatible with Windows and Web applications
  • Includes biometric verification (1:1) and identification (1:N) software

Hybrid Biometric Platform Multimodal biometric matching system

Hybrid Biometric Platform™ – Multimodal biometric matching system

Unlike a low-level SDK, Hybrid Biometric Platform™ is an enterprise-ready scalable Hybrid Biometrics™ system that supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, and iris biometrics all from a single server. Providing these options with a single integration, Hybrid Biometric Platform™ never needs to be compiled at run-time which means ongoing maintenance and support burdens are eliminated.
  • Supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein & facial recognition
  • Award-winning Hybrid Biometric Platform™
  • Ensure 100% read rates

Bio-SnapON Add biometric to any software without any coding

Bio-SnapON™ – Add biometric to any software without any coding

Enables businesses and individuals to instantly add a turnkey biometric software system to any third party software without touching its source code. Ideal for replacing barcode/magstripe ID cards, PINs, user names, and passwords.
  • Instantly “snapped-on” to any Windows or web software
  • No code level integration is required
  • Supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari browsers.
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Customer success

“After evaluating several solutions on the market, we chose M2SYS because they allowed us to integrate a truly seamless, server-based solution with minimal development effort.”

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