5 Benefits of Monitoring Employees Productive Time and Idle Time

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How productive are your employees? In this fast-moving world, if your employees are not productive, you have very little chance to survive in the market. Your employees may dedicate hours to your company, but can you measure how productive they were throughout the workday? It is not important how much general time they dedicate to you, rather how many productive hours they contribute to your business. So, should you monitor employees’ productive and non-productive time? Yes, you should. In this article, we have discussed the benefits of monitoring employees’ active time and how it helps your business. 

What Are Productive and Non-Productive Hours?

In simple words, productive time refers to the duration of time that employees spend on your business, meaning the actual time they work. Since we are human, we need breaks. We cannot work long stretches at a time. So, not every minute is spent on your business. Your employees may take breaks during their work time. So, when employees are not working or on break, that is non-productive time. When they are working, that is known as productive time. 


1. Boost Productivity

Productive time monitoring boosts productivity. If their productive time is monitored, the employees will put more effort into staying more productive. This pushes employees to walk extra miles for the company with efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, measuring productive and non-productive hours helps managers to understand the work patterns and trends of the employees so that they can work on employee performance improvement. 

2. Ease Employee Performance Management 

The employees can’t be 100% productive throughout the day. Non-productive time is natural. But if it is higher than the production time, that signals bad performance for the company. If you monitor productive hours, you can measure your employees’ performance accurately based on their level of productivity. You can recognize true heroes easily and can address unproductive employees more easily. If you are managing remote employees or hourly employees, productive time will give you a perfect measurement of their performance and help you to evaluate them easily.



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3. Establish Corporate Policies 

One of the major benefits of monitoring employees is that it helps to create effective corporate policies. When you have proper data of productive and non-productive hours, you can set policies for that. How long a break time should be during a day, or how many productive hours an employee needs to take during work hours. All these policies help you to manage your employees effectively. 

4. Eliminate Payroll Error and Conflicts 

Accurate productive time tracking reduces payroll errors and conflicts. Since you have proper data you can create an error-free payroll report based on the accurate productive time. You can avoid conflicts and confusion over overtime since you have solid proof of employees’ productive hours.

5. Increase ROI 

The research shows that longer break time costs businesses more than $100 billion every year in the salary paid for their non-productive hours. If you monitor employees’ productive time these could be reduced to a significant level. Your employees wouldn’t take unnecessary breaks or longer breaks that affect business. So, they will become more productive, boost business performance, and increase business ROI. 

Best Employee Productive Time Monitoring Software 

CloudDesk is the best employee productive time monitoring software. CloudDesk comes with a productive time tracker with a “Take a Break” button. So, your employees can Take a Break whenever they need it. During this break time, the software counts their non-productive hours. Whenever they get back to their work, they need to turn on the timer and then the productive timer starts to monitor their productive time. The software also checks employees’ engagement periodically to confirm they’re truly contributing. At the end of the day, you can see the whole picture from a single dashboard and make important decisions. In short, CloudDesk is the perfect software to monitor employees’ productive hours. 


CloudDesk helps employers to monitor their employees’ productive hours accurately. If you are not using this amazing tool, you should use it today. Get the benefits of monitoring employees- try this software with the 14-day free trial. Hit the Contact Us button for the demo.


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