How to Manage Your Remote Team Effectively with CloudDesk

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COVID-19 has shaken the whole world. Businesses around the world have seen a drastic change in their office environment. Most businesses have shifted to a remote office structure. It has become a new normal for companies and that increases the importance of deploying new technology in the work process to completely support their remote team. Managers around the globe now deploy employee monitoring software for their employees. This software supports their team to stay productive and focused and helps employers to see the whole picture from a single dashboard.

CloudDesk is a robust employee monitoring software that helps employers to see the whole picture of the company. It also helps employees to stay productive and focused, which brings significant results for the company. CloudDesk ensures effective management of the remote employees. Here is how you can manage your remote team effectively with CloudDesk.


Apply Remote Check-In To Manage Your Remote Team

CloudDesk allows remote check-in for your employees. They can simply verify their face ID and then check-in for work. Using this feature, you can understand your employees total work hours and their total dedication to the work. If you want to manage your remote team on hour-basis, this feature will help you to track their check-in and check-out time so that you can pay them accordingly. 



Employee Monitoring Software

Key Feature

- Time Tracking

- Face ID Verification

- PC & Web Activity Monitoring

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Track Employees Productive Hours


It is not important how long your employees work, rather how long they were productive. Counting their productive hours will let you know their true contribution for the company. You can evaluate their performance based on their level of productivity. On the other hand, using a productive time clock helps your team to stay on track even if they face any distraction in their remote location. So, track their productive time with CloudDesk, so that they can stay focused and on track.

Check Employees’ Engagement

Use employee engagement features to know if your employees are actually active or not. This feature sends periodic pop-ups to check employees’ presence in front of the computer. CloudDesk sends this pop-up periodically for your employees. You can set a time for this. You can select any time, like 20 minutes, 30 minutes, or more as per your requirement. Based on your set time, CloudDesk sends periodic pop-ups to your employees, where employees have to verify themselves using their face ID. If they fail to verify themselves, it will be recorded, and you can get a signal that your employees are not working or left their computer without taking a break. 

Analyze Performance to Manage Your Remote Team



It is not possible to check each of your employees’ performance one by one. With CloudDesk, you can see the whole picture from a single dashboard. You can see the level of productivity throughout the workday, the number of productive employees and the unproductive employees. Based on those data you can manage your remote team by evaluating their performance and help your under-performing employees to perform more efficiently.

So, this is how you can utilize CloudDesk software and effectively manage your remote team. CloudDesk is offering a 14-day Free Trial. So, if you haven’t deployed this amazing software, deploy it now to experience the effective management of your remote employees.

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