Maintaining Privacy While Monitoring Remote Employees

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The working culture as we know it has changed drastically over the past few months as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Many organizations have had to change the way employers assign work tasks, monitoring the work of employees as well as the means of engagement to maintain good levels of communication and productivity. This year especially, there has been an increasing demand for employee monitoring software to monitor remote employees. This need has, however, been met with some opposition, as questions pertaining to transparency and privacy quickly arose.

How to Ensure That Privacy is Protected While Monitoring Remote Employees

First, when moving towards monitoring employees that are working remotely throughout the workday, it is important to establish a culture of transparency and trust. This is achieved by getting informed consent from all employees that will be working remotely and that will thus be monitored. It is vital that all remote employees are well informed as to how they are being monitored and why, and all employees should be provided with all policies and procedures pertaining to remote working.



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Second, as an employer, it is important that you limit the invasiveness of remote employee monitoring. Only use data collected for its intended purpose and respect the personal boundaries of all employees’ devices. It is also important for employers to stick to normal work hours, and do not exceed these normal work hours.

Third, as an employer, you need to use data that is collected when monitoring remote employees in the fairest way possible. Refrain from only using captured computer data as a signal of performance, and protect computer monitoring software from being misused and abused. Managers that have access to remote employee data should be trained to monitor remote employees according to privacy policies.

Maintaining Privacy Whilst Monitoring Employees With CloudDesk

CloudDesk is remote employee monitoring software that provides employers with real-time visibility into distributed workforce activities amongst remote working employees, so as to increase productivity, improve compliance, and optimize performance. CloudDesk also provides employers with features such as random screenshots, robust insights, and employee identity verification. These features allow employers to monitor all remote employees’ activity in real-time, enables employees to check-in when they start working – using employee identification to confirm their work attendance – as well as provides employers with confirmation that employees stick to their daily work schedules during work hours. The data that is collected by this software is solely used for and during work hours. Feel free to contact us for more info on CloudDesk.

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