Biometric identification technology for government initiatives

Innovative, efficient biometric digital identity management solutions to build trust and more effectively manage resources

Biometric Identification Technology for Government Initiatives
Biometric Identification Technology for Government Initiatives


As more governments around the globe increase implementation of programs designed to deliver efficient, cost-effective and safe services for their citizens free of fraud and waste, demand is rapidly rising for biometric identification platforms that can be seamlessly implemented and easily scaled up as the deployment matures.

The foundation for any biometric platform used in the context of delivering efficient and secure government services lies in its ability to understand and be customized to address local and regional market conditions and act as a trusted identification data repository that leverages modern technology to keep identities safe.

M2SYS provides a foundation for establishing trusted identities through a comprehensive and customizable automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) that has the flexibility to be applied in multiple contexts and be used for numerous purposes such as border control, voter registration, criminal identification, national ID cards, ePassports, and distribution of government subsidies like healthcare, welfare, and pensions. Separate from our standard AFIS fingerprint system, we also offer a multi-modal automated biometric identification system (ABIS) which has the ability to combine fingerprint identification with a host of additional biometric recognition modalities – finger vein, palm vein, iris, facial, or voice recognition.

Built upon our Intrinsic Human Recognition™ technology that recognizes all citizens possess their own unique characteristics and qualities that define their individual “identity,” our AFIS/ABIS government service biometric identification management solutions stretch beyond biometrics alone and encompass all intrinsic values that define our individuality and enable governments to understand and identify who we are. We have a long, successful history of design and implementation of innovative, large-scale, multi-modal AFIS/ABIS systems for governments around the world that have proven to be a reliable source to deliver efficient and secure services that ensure identification accuracy, no matter what the purpose. Advancing initiatives that help to not only bridge the “identity gap” that exists in many countries, but to also increase security, efficiencies, and confidence in government is the cornerstone of our identification management solutions.

We leverage our intrinsic Human Recognition™ technology to offer the following applications for government services:



The M2SYS SecuredPass™ border control and immigration identification software streamlines the often redundant multiple passport cross-checks that many airport and border security checkpoints require. Increases in traveler volume and international crime are putting pressure on border security personnel to modernize their security protocols to abandon manual identification checks and adopt more secure technology to prevent the fraudulent use of identity documents.Border management agencies can use the M2SYS SecuredPass™ identification to quickly and accurately confirm traveler identity to verify someone is who they claim to be. The automation of identification checks for border security helps to stop criminals intent on using fake identification to commit crimes plus it facilitates fast, safe, and smooth crossing for common travelers to facilitate growth in commerce and tourism.



The M2SYS TrueVoter™ system is a scalable and customizable software package that allows you to perform a wide variety of tasks for processing, editing, searching, retrieving and storing biometric voting templates and voter records. It streamlines data collection and card issuance, creates a national database of verified voter data, and includes a wide range of tools to manage and maintain it. It is fully customized to the specific needs of a client, and is designed to integrate into existing processes and procedures. Working with only internationally renowned partners, the units are extremely reliable and offer excellent warranties.Separate from our standard AFIS system, we offer a multi-modal automated biometric identification system (ABIS)which can combine fingerprint identification with an iris or facial recognition modality. Characterized by the utility to tailor deployment models based on unique needs and market conditions, our biometric voter registration military grade system is specially designed to meet government agency requirements and delivers fast, secure and reliable results.


National ID:

As more countries launch national identification card programs to provide citizens with a versatile and secure authentication credential for a wide variety of uses, demand for a comprehensive and reliable platform to build a national database is at record levels. Our eID/National ID solution is constructed on the M2SYS ABIS platform, based on a phased approach which includes:

  • Initializing the biometric requirements
  • Software and hardware installation
  • System testing
  • Training

We specialize in designing eID/national ID systems that contain a comprehensive and exclusive list of features and layout options which are easily customizable depending on the unique needs of the deployment. Trust our AFIS/ABIS platform to provide a powerful demographic and biometrics data capture process, a robust deduplication and data cleansing feature to ensure unique identities, and a proven and scalable architecture for fast, accurate matching.

Accurately identifying travelers and increasing the convenience and flow of airport and border security has become a top priority for many countries. To meet the rising demand for more secure and reliable means of traveler identification, ePassport programs have been adopted which are a combination of paper and electronic passports that contain biometric identification information stored on an embedded microchip. These documents are designed to be non-traceable, and contain safety mechanisms to thwart hacking and criminal attacks that could compromise the biometric data and a travler’s right to privacy during the transmission of identity information between the chip and reader.Our multi-modal ABIS system allows ePassports to combine fingerprint identification with an iris or facial recognition modality creating a high level of security and protection against fraud. Our ABIS technology successfully combines our comprehensive and customizable biometric capture mechanism with an efficient back end administrative module that contains the highest security and traveler privacy protection.

Public safety:
A global rise in crime and terrorism has placed additional pressure on law enforcement agencies across the world to securely manage the growing prison population and subsequent incremental number of identification records. Antiquated methods of tracking prisoners have proven to be easily exploitable and have not kept pace with dynamic security industry regulations and the increasing complexity of managing internal databases.Our AFIS/ABIS public safety software solution has proven to be a fail safe way to properly launch and administer a prisoner identification system that complies with international standards and allows law enforcement officials to easily navigate and administer a system that accurately identifies inmates upon intake and release and has the capability to track their movements throughout the facility. Plus, our AFIS/ABIS public safety solution offers a broad latent print analysis solution that is uniquely designed as a secure repository including powerful latent print image editing and providing resources that will instantly merge and aggregate records and perform 1:1 or 1:N searches of both biometric profiles.

Healthcare and welfare:

Identity fraud can wreak havoc on the efficient administration of effective healthcare, social welfare, and pension distribution government programs undermining credibility and significantly driving up program costs. Strong identification measures must be considered that include reliable backend database support to maintain the security and integrity of governmental programs. Many countries are abandoning their antiquated identification management systems in favor of stronger and more versatile citizen identity platforms that can be leveraged for multiple uses and centrally controlled to maintain high levels of data integrity.The M2SYS AFIS/ABIS healthcare and welfare software database is a comprehensive resource that enables governments to seize absolute control of citizen identification for more efficient and secure system administration. Closing any loopholes for healthcare ID or welfare fraud by proving a secure data network infrastructure for the identification of citizens, the M2SYS AFIS system architecture is built and designed to handle millions of records and can be customized to handle uni-modal or multi-modal fingerprint, iris or facial registrations.
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