Biometric technology case studies of vertical markets

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Biometric Technology Case Studies of Vertical Markets
Biometric Technology Case Studies of Vertical Markets

Case study: Faith assembly

Summary: Fingerprint technology used to track youth service attendance

Biometric modality: Fingerprint
Number of deployed hardware units /Terminals: 5
Database size: 3,000
Purpose: Biometric identification for membership management

M2SYS works closely with its clients, enabling them to capitalize on the benefits of using biometrics for security and accelerating their return on investment (ROI). These case studies of multi-modal biometrics security deployments for various verticals show how biometric security software solutions can protect the welfare of citizens, stop corruption and fraud, and create efficiency.

Faith Assembly of God is a dynamic, contemporary, multi- cultural church located in Orlando, FL. During a typical Sunday service, over 3,600 visitors and members attend. Three times a week, they host youth services and several hundred youth attend. Faith Assembly tracks attendance to these services through a client-server database application. To check-in, each student is required to provide their last name or a phone number.


On any given night, teenagers by the hundreds were lining up to check-in for youth services at Faith Assembly Church of God. Faith Assembly was already using a management system to track attendance, so they considered installing a bar-code reader and issuing identification cards but were concerned about the cards being lost, misplaced, or forgotten altogether. They were also hoping to reduce check – in waiting time, so they encouraged their software vendor to research and select an alternative solution that would offer an affordable, rapidly deployed identification system for their attendees.


Their vendor selected Bio-SnapON™ to work in tandem with their existing attendance tracking software. Bio-SnapON™ is a complete biometric software system that can be instantly “snapped-on” to any Windows or web software, without any code-level development. The solution leverages M2SYS’ award-winning Hybrid Biometric Platform™ technology, which supports fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein and iris biometrics.


By utilizing Bio-SnapON™ from M2SYS Technology, Faith Assembly has been able to significantly reduce wait times, streamline the check-in process, and better manage attendance tracking for their youth services. They are now planning to implement the system in other areas of the church to better improve attendance tracking and to assist them in allocating staff and resources.

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