Prevent Customer Fraud

Use our strong authentication, identity proofing and biometrics solutions to protect assets against identity fraud.

Prevent Customer Fraud
Prevent Customer Fraud

Financial Services

When it comes to banking and financial transactions, accurate verification us vital. Accurate identification of both customers at the point of service and employees performing transactions on the back end is a crucial step to ensuring identity protection and reducing fraud.

Customer identification at your branch locations
Build an audit trail of employee activity
Single Sign On
Single sign on
Enterprise password management and network security software with seamless interface to active directory

Our biometric identification solutions help protect personal information and financial data from identity theft and fraud, safeguard data, save money and resources from lost or stolen passwords, while seamlessly integrating into existing in-house banking software.

Optimal Security & Reliability on Finger Imaging and Liveness Detection

“Smart” finger reader

Next-generation fingerprint reader delivering optimal security & reliability with advanced finger imaging and liveness detection

High Speed Matching - industry’s fastest matching system
High speed matching

Lower your hardware burden with industry’s fastest matching system. – 100 million prints/sec in a single server.

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