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AFIS/ABIS for national ID

Over the last few years, national identification card programs have been launched in many countries around the world and currently, receiving a national identification card containing a unique number and biometric identity profile is required in more than 100 nations.

In most cases the purpose for issuing these national identification cards is:

  • Growing security problems around the world leading to more frequent requests for proof of identity
  • Bridging the ‘identity gap’ because formal identity is a prerequisite for development
  • Increased efficiency in disbursements through identity verification of beneficiaries and increased transparency in the transfer process.
National ID - Biometric Identification System

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National ID system Operational Flow

Scalability and operational flow of parallel server cluster

India, for example recently launched a campaign to establish a national ID system for all of its citizens to provide a more robust official identity in the context of delivery for particular services. Malaysia’s national identification card is not only used for accessing government services, but also functions as a driver’s license, ATM card, contactless payment card, frequent traveler card, and health document containing basic medical information.

M2SYS’s AFIS System for national ID systems ensures quick and accurate results with proactive and timely service while providing information safety through the use of:

  • Fault tolerant architecture
  • Disk mirroring
  • Automated database backups
  • Disaster recovery options

M2SYS constructs a national ID system based on the M2SYS ABIS Platform, a 4-phased approach that includes:

  • Initializing the biometric requirements
  • Software and hardware installation
  • System testing
  • Training

Although the M2SYS ABIS platform for national ID systems contains a comprehensive list of features and layout options, fields and features can be easily customized depending on the unique needs of your deployment. Here is a list of the layout options that come standard with the ABIS Platform for national identification card projects:

Biometric National ID Process

National ID process

Matching & database handling

  • ANSI/SEC/ISO/FBI/NIST/MINEX certified AFIS matching system
  • SSL/TLS connectivity for secure communication, AES-256 based data encryption
  • Rapid installation and can run in any windows operating systems
  • Proven in national-scale projects, including law enforcement, voter registration and national ID, driving license
  • Rolled, flat and latent fingerprint matching
  • Dual eye scanning and matching
  • Multiplatform, scalable cluster architecture for parallel matching
  • M2SYS AFIS includes fingerprint image quality determination, which can be used during enrollment to ensure that only the best quality fingerprint template will be stored in the database
  • Template generalization is used to generate a better quality template from several fingerprints – Better quality templates result in higher identification quality
  • Adaptive image filtration algorithm eliminates noises, ridge ruptures and stuck ridges, and extract minutiae reliably even from poor quality fingerprints, with processing time of less than 1 second
  • Easily converted and merged with the M2SYS AFIS system which includes facial recognition and iris recognition – a multi-modal Automatic Biometric Identification System (ABIS)
  • 1:N matching system in standard M2SYS AFIS server with proven millions per second matching speed – Speed can be accelerated with the M2SYS proven matching server clustering system
  • External biometric search interface which gives system access to other departments/organizations
  • Ideal solution for border controlpassport, civil-ID, national ID, voter registration, criminal management, driving license management and any large biometric deployments
  • A pre-installed AFIS system and physical server in one single package to the customer
  • Multiple matching server supports speeds up the matching process for any scale of database to adopt
  • System compatible with handheld or portable devices (Armadillo) upon API integration

Dedup / Duplicate checking /Data cleansing

The M2SYS ABIS/AFIS solution also operates as a separate or integrated part of the mail software to identify duplicate entries in the database. Once the data collection is completed by live enrollment or by entering a latent image, the duplicate checking system allows users to find and cleanse duplicate entries with the synchronized database to make sure the database is unique to the Authority.

Demographic & biometrics data capture

  • Demographic details (name, father’s name, mother’s name, gender, date of birth, present address, permanent address, LGA , contact details, next of kin, marital status, spouse’s name, number of sons & daughters, level of education, occupation, religions, height & weight, eye color, special mark, blood group, driving license/passport number)
  • Flat or rolled 10 finger fingerprint image capture
  • High quality dual iris capture
  • Signature capture
  • Capture ICAO standard face image (digital photograph) through external HD web cam or built-in webcam or compatible digital camera or upload from local storage

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National ID brochure in English
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