SecuredPass™ AFIS/ABIS immigration and border control system

Secure your borders and facilitate fast, safe crossing for common travelers

Immigration and Border Control System Increases in traveler volume and international crime are putting pressure on border security personnel to modernize their security protocols to abandon manual identification checks and adopt more secure technology to prevent the fraudulent use of identity documents. The M2SYS SecuredPASS™ border control and immigration identification software streamlines the often redundant multiple passport cross-checks that many airport and border security checkpoints require. Border management agencies can use the M2SYS SecuredPASS™ identification to quickly and accurately confirm traveler identity to verify that someone is who they claim to be. The automation of identification checks for border security helps to stop criminals intent on using fake identification to cross borders and commit crimes plus it facilitates fast, safe, and smooth crossing for common travelers to facilitate growth in commerce and tourism.

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The system can be deployed in LAN/WAN/MAN network or even with VPN & WEB network to quickly and accurately retrieve registered personnel or member profile information. The software allows administrators to input a person’s complete demographic information and register his/her biometric data from a central collateral system by simply placing their finger or eye on the compatible biometric hardware connected with the Verification Points at the Borders or Immigration facilities on Arrivals or Departure. Once a person has been recorded, his/her picture and profile data can be instantly displayed from any networked PC using a single biometric scan and is ready for use within minutes.
Immigration and Border Control System Workflow Diagram

SecuredPASS™ workflow diagram


  • Process visa application by confirming applicant identity check
  • Capture detailed biographic data, biometric template data and the ability to scan documents
  • Check upon Arrival & Departure at any Border/Immigration center
  • Check and log border crossing activities
  • Flag individuals to ensure silent biometric vigilance
  • Scan and verify ePassports
  • Role based user management
  • Role based data access policies for users
  • Workflow management
  • Detailed ad customized reporting
  • Data-level duplicate matching based on probabilistic matching algorithm
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Multi-Modal biometric support with a choice of fingerprint, palm print, iris, facial, finger vein, and palm vein authentication
  • Role based user data access – limit which user can see how much information about a voter
  • Central administraton of users
  • Acts as disaster recovery tool if data retrieval is needed
  • Import data from capture application


  • User-friendly dashboard navigation
  • Multitasking environment
  • Complete demographic details insertion
  • High powered searching capability
  • Badge printing option
  • Compatible with M2-CamHD for optional/external camera besides the built-in webcam
  • Watch-Dog/Watch-List option to mark an Individual or a Group
  • Scalable database and hardware specifications
  • Hi-Speed data searching and matching in 1:N environment
  • ISO, ANSI, NIST Certified Integrated Biometric System
  • 3rd party EBTS standard support
  • High functional flexibility and adaptability of the system to the requirements of end users, including country- specific standards
  • Unlimited possibilities for system expansion and subsequent productivity increases
  • Centralized system deployment for real-time monitoring
  • Multi-modal biometric support with a choice of fingerprint, palm print, iris, facial, finger vein, and palm-vein authentication

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Law enforcement projects

Biometric Database of Army Personnel

Client: Egyptian military academy
Industry: Law enforcement
Country: Egypt
Use: Biometric database of army personnel

Biometric Border Control

Client: The Iraqi Govt. (Kurdistan Province of Sulaymaniyah)
Industry: Border control
Country: Iraq
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