AFIS/ABIS for Latent Print

Fingerprint identification editing, storage, search and match.

Latent Print Matching

AFIS/ABIS for Latent Print

The M2SYS AFIS system is designed as a secure latent print repository with the flexibility to easily edit, manage, search, track and store records. Our AFIS technology allows law enforcement agencies to obtain and store latent print images directly from evidence or a variety of sources including scanners, high resolution digital cameras, and industry standard digital image formats. We offer latent print image enhancement tools which simplifies verification and smoothes the process of editing including print rotation, image reversal, contrast/brightness adjustments and comprehensive search and review.

Whether your fingerprint identification latent print database is populated with data taken from those detained and processed or from multiple sources, the M2SYS AFIS system will instantly merge and aggregate the records providing resources that can perform 1:1 or 1:N searches of both tenprint and palm print profiles with upper, lower, and writer’s palmprint processing capability. Our database supports imported JPEG, JPEG 2000, Bitmap, TIFF, NIST, and WSQ file formats. M2SYS AFIS also allows the ability to store an unlimited amount of fingerprint identification latent print images per case removing the worry of capacity limits.

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AFIS/ABIS for Latent Print- Workflow

AFIS Latent Print Workflow

Whether your latent print image editing and storage requirements are big or small, the M2SYS AFIS system is a complete tool for your needs. Combining the power of user-friendly editing features with rapid search and fingerprint identification speeds, our latent print storage and editing solution will deliver the results that you expect at an affordable price. Please fill out the contact form on the right and one of our representatives will contact you.

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“Smart” Finger Reader

“Smart” Finger Reader

Next-Generation Fingerprint Reader Delivering Optimal Security & Reliability with Advanced Finger Imaging and Liveness Detection

High Speed Matching - industry’s fastest matching system

High Speed Matching

Lower your hardware burden with industry’s fastest matching system. – 100 million prints/sec in a single server.

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