Which Form of Biometric Recognition Technology is Best for Your Environment?

Biometric technology is not always one-size-fits-all. In fact, success greatly depends on using the correct biometric reader for your environment and needs.

Which Form of Biometric Recognition Technology is Best for Your Environment?
Which Form of Biometric Recognition Technology is Best for Your Environment?

Vascular Biometrics or Fingerprint Biometrics?

This is why M2SYS supports several types of biometric devices. Through our unique Hybrid Biometric Platform™ our clients can choose the best biometric scanner to achieve 100% success rates.

To find out what type of biometric reader is best for your environment, please review the information below.


Finger and Palm Vein:
Maximum Security For Any Environment

Our finger vein reader and palm vein reader are very unique forms of biometric hardware that have revolutionized the industry. Vein patterns are very difficult to replicate, making forgery virtually impossible and ensuring maximum security for users across all environments.

With a near 0% failure rate, and high tolerance of skin surface problems, vascular biometrics is ideal for environments where users are subject to dry, damaged, or worn fingerprints.


A Good Solution for Many Environments

Fingerprint technology is one of the most familiar forms of biometric technology. Although M2SYS provides advanced, revolutionary fingerprint software, using fingerprint biometrics is not always ideal depending on where the technology is used.

The M2-S fingerprint reader provides virtually fool-proof fingerprint recognition. The “smart-touch” scanning area enables the fingerprint reader to reject latent and counterfeit fingerprint images. And its ergonomic design makes it an industry leader.

Best Environments for Vascular or Fingerprint Technology:


Vascular Biometrics System Benefits

  • High accuracy with direct light resistant design and upper Encrypted Data Transfer on USB.
  • Extremely low failure to enroll (FTE).
  • Versatile unit and ergonomic design for better operability
  • High tolerance of skin surface problems, eg. Roughness, moisture, dirt. (Low FRR).
  • Minimal physical contact with reader.
  • No privacy issues.
  • Longer lifecycle than fingerprint readers because vein readers are contactless.

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Industry Highlights

M2SYS software is used by tens of thousands of end users worldwide across a variety of industries. Find out how our technology can empower your market.

Optimal Security & Reliability on Finger Imaging and Liveness Detection
More Information on Reader Environments
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