Long-term biometric technology partners

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Long-Term Biometric Technology Partners
Long-Term Biometric Technology Partners

Software integrators

LOGICARE’s health care management solution, OnRecord™

In the fast paced environment of the emergency room, patients, medical information, and employees must be efficiently managed with very little time for extensive thought or time consuming practices. LOGICARE provides emergency department software solutions that effectively automate the emergency room processes. Recently, they have increased the efficiencies that their software provides by integrating M2SYS’ unique Bio-Plugin™ biometric software solution.

Bio-Plugin™ enables software companies to quickly integrate a complete, seamless fingerprint recognition system, including a high-performance 1:N identification engine. Bio-Plugin™ eliminates the system dependencies, extensive development, and specialized knowledge of biometric complexities inherent to fingerprint SDKs.

Health care providers often can find it difficult to securely manage all of their crucial information. HIPAA regulations are continually evolving and can be a costly expenditure for both large and small practices. Fingerprint recognition technology is a reliable and affordable way to increase security measures and to meet these government regulations.

Traditional methods of identification can be easily compromised. Passwords and PIN numbers can be forgotten or shared, and ID cards can be lost or stolen. This severely affects security in a health care facility. With biometric technology, patient information and privacy are better protected because each fingerprint is unique and cannot be stolen. Employees and patients can be easily enrolled in the system by scanning their finger on a fingerprint reader three times consecutively. After the initial enrollment process, only one fingerprint scan is needed to correctly identify an individual. M2SYS’ cutting edge technology never saves an image of the actual fingerprint. Each fingerprint is converted into a binary string which can only be utilized within M2SYS’ software, providing the ultimate in security.

With the biometric system, individuals who have not been registered with the software cannot log into the system. Authorized employees can be registered, and can then access secure patient information. Employees can also clock in and out with their fingerprint. The system increases employee accountability by providing a real-time audit trail of employee activity. These increases in security and accountability aid in meeting HIPAA compliance.

Patients can be enrolled in the system and can then check in and out error-free and with more privacy and efficiency than is provided by the traditional paper and pen methods. The LOGICARE software provides individualized instructions and built-in prompts to help health care facilities to be more thorough and effective in their patient management processes.

LOGICARE serves over 500 hospitals as a leading provider of software. With the addition of biometric recognition technology, they now provide software that is unmatched in security and reliability to hospitals across the nation.

Customer success

“Delivering more than just technology, M2SYS is renowned for its outstanding customer support. Each client receives the services of a dedicated M2SYS engineer throughout the entire integration process, providing support as required. The company utilizes a preemptive approach toward technical support by periodically contacting the integrators to obtain feedback, ideas, and suggestions on the system, and to address issues before they become escalated.”

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