ePolice™ for Law Enforcement Operational Management
ePolice™ for Law Enforcement Operational Management

ePolice™ – Law enforcement case management, criminal investigation, booking database

Customizable integrated platform designed to help establish efficient and effective law enforcement operational management

The M2SYS ePolice™ application is an integrated platform to address the needs of all law enforcement operational units including case management, investigations, booking systems, demographic databases, next generation automated biometric identification system (ABIS), forensic analysis (Latent, DNA), mobile platform, integration & data exchange capabilities with global agencies (Interpol, FBI, Scotland Yard), intelligence reports, and analytics as well as comprehensive ad hoc reporting.

Law enforcement agency technology requirements vary significantly based on geographic and strategic locations, culture, demographics, and crime history. M2SYS offers the ability to customize the ePolice™ platform to meet the unique needs of law enforcement agencies.


  • Experience and ongoing engagement with global law enforcement agencies
  • Universal and unique ePolice™ platform capabilities
  • Fastest ABIS search speeds in the industry
  • Multi modal biometric and hybrid biometric capability
  • Comprehensive and intuitive latent processing and matching system
  • Sophisticated artificial intelligence and analytics system with probabilistic matching
  • Integrated platform all modules in one platform
  • Broad market knowledge to understand individual agency requirements and ability to customize the solution accordingly
  • Proven success records around the globe
  • Continuous research and development, strongly committed to the industry
  • Altruistic commitment to society and the community
ePolice System Diagram

ePolice system diagram

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How M2SYS solutions addresses the workflow of police ( Standard Practices ):

M2SYS ePolice System Diagram

How ePolice system works?


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ePolice projects

Biometric Database of Army Personnel

Client: Egyptian military academy
Industry: Law enforcement
Country: Egypt
Use: Biometric database of army personnel

Biometric Border Control

Client: The Iraqi Govt. (Kurdistan Province of Sulaymaniyah)
Industry: Border control
Country: Iraq
Use: Biometric border control

Salt Lake County, UT Sheriff’s Office

Client: Salt Lake County, UT Sheriff’s Office
Industry: Law enforcement
Country: U.S.A.
Use: Prisoner identification

M2SYS provides custom end-to-end turnkey solutions
for all kinds of boimetrics projects

You can choose any biometric hardware or matching engine and we’ll give you the whole Turnkey solution.


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turnkey solutions


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