Long-term biometric technology partners

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Long-Term Biometric Technology Partners
Long-Term Biometric Technology Partners

Software integrators

M2SYS works closely with software integrators, resellers, and end users to enable them to capitalize on the benefits of fingerprint technology and to accelerate their return on investment.

iEmployee’s on-demand time and attendance work force management solution

The benefits of biometric employee identification are becoming more widely recognizable in the work force management community.  Recent studies have shown that the integration of a biometrics solution into time clock terminals can help an organization to save up to 2.5 percent of gross payroll annually, by utilizing the fingerprint recognition technology to eliminate “buddy punching”.

“Buddy punching” is the process of an employee inappropriately clocking-in or out for another employee.  It is a growing problem that most organizations face but are often unable to establish proof of the dishonest conduct or to determine its financial consequences.  Up to 75% of companies lose money each year due solely to buddy-punching.

iEmployee, a leading provider of on-demand work force management solutions, is working to eliminate this problem with the integration of M2SYS’ Bio-Plugin™ software solution into its web-based PC time clock solution.   Bio-Plugin™ eliminates the system dependencies, extensive development, and specialized knowledge of biometric complexities inherent to fingerprint software SDK’s.

iEmployee solutions are the products of choice for over 1600 companies.  The software is completely web-based and requires only an Internet connection and a web-browser.  With the integration of M2SYS’ innovative Bio-Plugin™ solution, capturing time and attendance data becomes a seamless process, providing a more reliable and convenient method of identity verification.  Bio-Plugin™ uses individual fingerprint recognition to accurately record time-clock punches and to alleviate the worries associated with accurate labor time reporting and costs.

Another important benefit of fingerprint identification technology is the elimination of passwords and ID cards.  ID cards can be lost or damaged, and traditional password-based time management has many drawbacks.  Passwords can be compromised or forgotten, and resetting or reassigning passwords can be a timely expenditure for managers.  With the implementation of a biometric system, personnel can be easily enrolled in the system with a simple scan of their fingerprint.  The fingerprint reader then scans the individual’s fingerprint each time they clock in or out and provides a secure, positive identification.

Biometric identification increases employee accountability, resulting in a more productive and efficient work staff.  M2SYS’ innovative fingerprint solution coupled with iEmployee’s vast experience in work-force management creates an impressive software solution that drastically reduces administrative time and overall costs associated with inappropriate work-time logging often found in paper and pen or traditional time-clock methods.

By adding M2SYS’ biometric software technology, iEmployee is now able to provide its clients with a more affordable alternative to wall-mounted biometric time-clocks while maintaining the highest performance, security and reliability.

Customer success

“Delivering more than just technology, M2SYS is renowned for its outstanding customer support. Each client receives the services of a dedicated M2SYS engineer throughout the entire integration process, providing support as required. The company utilizes a preemptive approach toward technical support by periodically contacting the integrators to obtain feedback, ideas, and suggestions on the system, and to address issues before they become escalated.”

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