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Are you looking for affordable high-quality online HIPAA training? Get started now with HIPAA Ready, a robust compliance management software app. In addition to getting access to all the essential training materials, the software will also provide you guidance on the necessary steps to help you comply with HIPAA

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA is the acronym for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It is a U.S. federal law passed by Congress in 1996. Initially, the law was enacted to simplify healthcare, reduce cost, combat healthcare fraud and abuse, and ensure that healthcare workers retained health insurance coverage when between jobs. 

Other major purposes of HIPAA are also to protect patient privacy and security and improve healthcare-related transactions. HIPAA training, whether it’s online or in-person, does not only benefit your patients, it also empowers your employees.

Why get online HIPAA training?

HIPAA training does not have to be conducted in person or in a classroom setting. It can be delivered online too. And with the entire COVID-19 pandemic crisis, it only makes sense that training is delivered online where employees can learn from their home or in a safe remote place or wherever they may be. HIPAA Ready is mobile-friendly which means that employees can even learn on the go at their own pace as long as they have a smartphone. 

Beyond the two-step verification codes, complicated passwords, and tightened rules on employee downloads on the company server, HIPAA compliance training is critical. 

If your organization handles patients’ health records, addresses, diagnoses, and so on – by law required to protect that information. If these records get compromised, you risk facing seemingly insurmountable HIPAA fines and penalties. Online HIPAA training will ensure that everyone within your organization is doing everything they can to protect your clients’ sensitive and private information. 

Is HIPAA Compliance Training For You?

Anyone who comes into contact with Protected Health Information (PHI) during the course of their work is required to complete HIPAA compliance training, whether it’s online or in person. 

This includes doctors, nurses, front desk personnel, and other healthcare professionals and staff, and anyone and everyone who handles patient health information. Other types of companies that can use HIPAA Ready for compliance training are:

  • Employer group health plans
  • Health insurance companies
  • Healthcare clearing houses

In a nutshell, if your employees work with sensitive health information, they must undergo HIPAA training. 

Is HIPAA Training mandatory and required annually?

Yes, for some organizations HIPAA training is mandatory regardless of their size and annual budget. 

Officially, there are no specific requirements about how many times employees should undergo training throughout the year. Both HIPAA Privacy Rule and the Security Rule have different training requirements. And the rules for training only states that employees should be offered refresher HIPAA training. While this is open to interpretation, ideally, it’s best to provide annual HIPAA training as rules and regulations may change and employees need to be kept updated. 

Offering online HIPAA training through HIPAA Ready can be a great way to deliver refresher training periodically. 

Transform Your Learning and Compliance Experience with HIPAA Ready

As with everything, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to training approaches. You can also upload your training content into the software and schedule training sessions. 

Besides training, you can develop HIPAA policies and procedures, manage business associates, organize security safeguard details, and all other essential functions for better compliance. Being that HIPAA Ready is a cloud-based mobile-friendly solution means it will offer more flexibility in delivering workforce training online. 

You can use HIPAA Ready’s free trial version without a credit card. Get started by signing up here – for the HIPAA Ready Trial Version!

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