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Hybrid Workforce: Biometric Attendance, Productivity and Leadership

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The surveys conducted by various sources have predicted that the hybrid workforce module is here to stay. The nature of the hybrid workforce module has its own set of challenges and opportunities. Employees can keep a keen eye on the opportunities which for the time being might overshadow the challenges. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the team is prepared for any such trouble.

Good leadership is required to sail the ship of a hybrid workforce. The unannounced crisis poured down the human race has shifted the attention to the skill sets and the technological advancements for the time being. However, without a strong and planned leadership, this advancement might not be able to adhere to a successful hybrid module of functioning. For instance, a biometric attendance software can assist in maintaining an error-free attendance marking the presence of the employee wherein the productivity depends on employees’ hard work and effort. This can be meddling with good leadership.

Let’s take a look at the areas in which a leader should be prepared in order to maintain a successful hybrid module of functioning:

Be prepared for any uncertain events

The pandemic has taught the human race a very vital lesson of uncertainty.  A leader can prepare a plan to maintain the productivity curve but he/she needs to keep in mind that the facets might not turn out to be in a similar paradigm. This indicates that predictability has no assurance with such a form of work. It has become inevitable for a leader to maintain a proper business module with a backup plan to maintain an efficient hybrid form of the workforce.

For any uncertain turn of events such as employees affected by covid, which will have an adverse impact on the workforce. It is the leader’s responsibility to implement policies for any such unannounced events. For instance, the introduction of a specific protocol for leave for the employees and the family members of the employee infected by covid in the biometric attendance software or a nonbiometric attendance system.

Rejuvenation and revitalization

Any monotonous activity has the potential to mentally exhaust the employees. Rapid changes in the form of work have shifted the attention of the admin team to prepare and plan for any unannounced technological glitch or hurdles in maintaining business operations. This regime has increased the workload of the entire team. In such a scenario, monotony related to work is inevitable. This is why a leader has to ensure that there are modules that can rejuvenate the team. A motivational boost can revitalize the energy level of the employees. They can function with newfound energy and invest more efforts to surge the productivity of the organization.

A balance in comfort and growth

The hybrid module of functioning provides the team with the leverage to function from a comfortable space. It is essential for the leader to keep an eye on the silver lining to ensure that the comfort does not degrade the scope of growth for the team. The leader needs to balance comfort with productivity. Here, a well-equipped biometric attendance software can play a role. These applications come with geo-tracking of geo attendance. It will help the leader to ensure the employees’ presence.

These are a few ways a leader can boost the team and ensure that the hybrid model of work reaches its goal. It makes the module people-centric by providing a platform to rejuvenate. Having said that, there is a difference between a leader and a boss. A leader has the quality to put the team first and rise with them. A leader has the capability to motivate the employees and make them believe that they are an essential part of the team. The organization’s success depends on each one’s hard work and effort.


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